Initial In-Home Postpartum Consultation

For anyone needing in-person help with breastfeeding. Includes a weight check to assess your baby’s growth, a complete medical history, a thorough physical assessment of both mother and baby, positioning/latch assistance, test weight to assess milk transfer, answers to your questions, a personalized care plan and a report to your baby’s health care providers.

Fee: $0-$250.00

In-Home Follow-up Consultation

For those established clients who need a bit of extra hands-on help. Includes a weight check, assessment of & help with a feeding, test weight if needed, answers to your questions, adjustments to your care plan, and an update to your baby's health care providers.

Fee: $0-$225.00

In-Home Exclusive Pumping Consultation

For those that wish to provide breast milk to their babies via pumping and bottle-feeding. Includes a complete medical history, physical assessment, flange sizing, and comprehensive education on how to maximize your milk supply, how to safely store and handle breast milk, and paced bottle feeding techniques.

Fee: $0-$150.00

Virtual Consultation

There is so much we can accomplish virtually! Through conversation and using videos and/or pictures you provide to me, we work collaboratively to address your lactation and infant feeding challenges.

Fee: $0-$125.00

Telephone Consultation (for established clients only)

1-15 minutes $25

15-30 minutes $45

30-45 minutes $65

45-60 minutes $85

All In-Home consultations include free phone or email support for 2 weeks after the date of the appointment.