Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo - June 17th - June 21st, 2019 - Days 4-1


  • Special Cafeteria Menu this week
  • Orders will have to be passed in by the children in the morning as there is no online ordering available.
  • Available Daily
      • Hamburger ($3.50)
      • Cheeseburger ($4.25)
      • Chicken burger ($4.25)
      • Chicken strips ($4.75)
      • Grill cheese ($3.75)
      • Garlic fingers ($4.75)
      • Milk ($ .55)
      • Small juice ($1.00)
      • Can Juice ($2.00)
      • Cookies ($. 75)
  • Monday, June 17 - Pizza/Milk/Cookie ($4.75)
  • Tuesday, June 18 - Grill Cheese/Milk/Cookie ($5.00)
  • Wednesday, June 19 - Nuggets & Fries/Milk ($5.50)
  • Thursday, June 20 - Mac & Cheese/Roll/Milk ($5.00)
  • Friday, June 21 - Pizza/Milk/Cookie ($4.75)


  • Monday and Wednesday
  • Gymnastics concludes this Thursday. Please wear gym clothes and bring a water bottle.

Upcoming Events

  • Please check out the Upcoming Field Trips / Visits page for a list of important dates for the coming weeks.

Whee Indoor Playground

  • Our end of the year field trip will take place on Thursday afternoon. We will be going to the Whee Indoor Playground. Please complete and return the waiver along with the fee of $8.50 by Wednesday. Without a signed waiver, your child will not be permitted to play. All children MUST wear socks in order to be permitted to play.
  • A copy of the waiver can be found at the link below:
  • www.wheeindoorplayground.com/blank-1

Kindergarten Celebration

  • The students are doing really well with their parts for the Kindergarten Celebration. Please continue to practice with them each night.

Recycling Blitz

  • The final Recycling Blitz of the school year will be held on Saturday from 9:30 - 11:00. It's a great chance to clear out your basement or garage before the school year ends. The MMSB doubles the refund amount for items passed in during the school year.
  • If you still want to donate your recycling to the school during the summer, you can do so by visiting any Green Depot and providing the school phone number, 726-0024, but the school will not get the doubling during the months of July and August.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, June 24th - Gym
  • Tuesday, June 25th - Kindergarten Celebration 10:00a.m. (No regular classes. Students arrive for 9:45 and will be dismissed for the day following the celebration) We ask students to arrive, wearing their uniform, minus the sweater.
  • Wednesday, June 26th - Last Day of School - dismissal at 1:00

This Week

Monday (Day 4)

  • Gym
  • Practice your parts for the celebration

Tuesday (Day 5)

  • Practice your parts for the celebration

Wednesday (Day 6)

  • Gym
  • Waiver and fee for Whee Indoor Playground field trip
  • Practice your parts for the celebration

Thursday (Day 7)

  • Gymnastics - Wear your gym uniform and bring water bottle
  • Field trip to Whee Indoor Playground - All students must wear socks.
  • Practice your parts for the celebration

Friday (Day 1)

  • Pizza Party and ice cream for lunch today!!!!!!
  • Practice your parts for the celebration

Saturday, June 21st

  • Recycling Blitz

Have a wonderful week!