Welcome to St Bathans Area Community Association

The St Bathans Area Community Association is a non profit Incorporated Society, that supports projects that benefit the St Bathans and Cambrian areas of Central Otago ,New Zealand

Here you will find out information on our region, our community, contacts and events

Take a virtual fly over of the Blue Lake at St Bathans.

The Blue lake was naturally formed following the end of the gold mining era in the early 1920's.

The lake is approx. 69 m deep and has a speed restriction of 5knots.

This makes it unsuitable for powerboats, and is enjoyed by swimmers and kayakers. Please respect these rules.

How to get here

If you are travelling to St Bathans, please note there are 2 access routes for the St Bathans-Loop Road.

This road loops back to State Highway 85 from both routes, the sealed portion of the road is accessed from the Becks turnoff.

From here you will be able to visit the historic village of Cambrians.

Access from the Hills Creek route will allow you to visit the Falls Dam historic area and Oteake Conservation Park and Homestead. Here you will travel across the Manuherikia River which is great for angler access.

Please note the following:

Please take all your rubbish with you

Lighting fires within a 2km of a Heritage Precinct is Strictly Forbidden

Please ensure you have adequate drinking water supplies.

There is no potable water supply in the Village.

Water in the Village must be boiled for a minimum of 3 minutes before use

There is little to no cellphone coverage

Please come prepared

The weather is St Bathans can vary from extreme snow in Winter to extreme high temperatures in Summer. If you are travelling by bicycle, please check the conditions before you travel.

Click below to take a virtual google tour of the Village

If you would like to check out the historic buildings of St Bathans without leaving home, please take the virtual tour below.