Mrs. Gayle Dudra,

Physical Education




Students in grade 5 and new students to grades 6-8 need to provide a copy book (composition book) for Physical Education class. The notebook will be stored at the gym.

SBS Uniform Information

Students should follow the guidelines for the physical education uniform in the handbook. The SBS tee shirt should always be worn. In colder weather, it allows the student to remove his/her sweatshirt while active. Please label all sweatshirts and sweatpants with last name in permanent marker.

Student must always wear sneakers (even on dress down days).

Illness or injury

If for any reason a student is not able to fully participate in physical education, please send in a note explaining limitations for class. A doctor's note is required for more than two consecutive excused classes.

About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Gayle Dudra

SCHOOL: St. Bartholomew School

CLASS: Physical Education

SCHOOL PHONE: 732-254-7105

The mission of Saint Bartholomew School is to love, educate, and inspire our children to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.