Ms. Dejonckheere's ClassRoom

Ms. DeJonckheere's Classroom


Phone extension: 144

A little bit about me....

I have been teaching at St. Augustine since 2004.  This is my third year in 5th grade.  I obtained my BS in Technology and Applied Sciences from Northern Michigan University.  After doing design work for General Motors, I realized I didn't want to sit behind a computer all day.  I decided to go back to school and get my Masters in Education from Saginaw Valley State University.

I am an avid reader (love a good mystery), jigsaw puzzle person, and enjoy cooking, traveling, and bike rides.  Baxter, who is pictured above, is my fur baby.  He will be three this Halloween.


Monday:   Art, 

Tuesday:  Gym, Technology

Wednesday:  Spanish, Art

Thursday:  Library

Friday:  Technology, Music, Spanish




Storyworks can be accessed by using the Google Classroom option on the Storyworks login page.

2nd Quarter expectations:    all assignments have proper heading (up to 10% off), answers use complete sentences for credit, answers have to make sense too!  I will no longer be reminding kids about this.  I will be continuing to stay after school on Mondays for students who want help until 3:30.

Big math changes - problems that have decimal points will be marked wrong if decimal is not included or not in proper place.  

2nd Quarter Religion Extra Credit:  write weekly reflections of weekend masses in your reflection journal.  You are to put the date at the top and write your reflection below.  You will be responsible for making sure your journal is in class for Thursdays.  


Today I can:

English:  write verbs in the present tense correctly in sentences.  

Math:  determine the rule of a function box




Vocabulary - Unit 6 work due Friday, study for upcoming tests

Fifth grade goes to Santa Shop on Friday afternoon.