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St. Augustine Catholic School spreads the good N.E.W.S by

Navigating a Christian course,

Educating body, mind and spirit,

Worshipping the Lord, and

Serving others.

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7th Grade


Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: Gym & Technology

Wednesday: Art & Spanish

Thursday: Mass (8:30 a.m.) and Music

Friday: Spanish & Technology

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Classroom News

3/08/21 7th Graders will be competing in the Pi Day Contest on March 15th. This will be an exciting competition to see who knows the most digits of the irrational number, pi.

3/01/21 Thanks to the Pine River Sportsman Club for sponsoring my classes and providing the monthly publication of TRACKS Magazine. The students are able to learn a little extra about nature each month because of their generosity. We will be making some creative thank you cards this week to thank them.

2/22/21 We are roughly a month away from the end of the 3rd quarter. Middle school students will be taking the STAR middle of the year assessment this week. Please be sure your child is getting to sleep at a decent hour as lack of sleep affects their performance in school.

2/15/21 A very short week! Hope you enjoyed your snow days and some hot cocoa!

2/8/21 We will be doing our movie afternoon on Tuesday this week because of our snow day last Friday. The students may dress in comfy jeans or sweats and bring a treat for themselves during the movie. We will be watching Shrek 2.

Congratulations to our Classroom Spelling Bee winners!

Sydney, Luke, Curtis, Audrina and Sam ~ They will be competing in our school Spelling Bee on Monday!

1/25/21 Report cards were sent home on the 22nd. Please remember to sign the envelope and return that to school this week. Thank you!

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