Ms. Savoyard's ClassRoom

Ms. savoyard'S CLASSROOM


Phone extension: 147


Monday: Library (8:47- 9:32) & Art (2:14-2:59)

Tuesday: Technology (8:47- 9:32) & Music (11:06 - 11:53)

Wednesday: Spanish (8:47- 9:32) 7 Art (2:14-2:59)

Thursday: Music (9:34 - 10:19) & Gym (11:08 - 11:53)

Friday: Technology (8:47- 9:32) & Spanish (9:34 - 10:19)


  • Wednesday Morning Math Help begins at 7:20 a.m. and goes until the start of the school day. Students should come with specific questions they need help with.
  • Be sure to look at the Tests and Assignments Tab on the top, right to see upcoming tests and projects.

Classroom News

11/11 It was wonderful to meet with all of you at Conferences last week. Please know that you are always welcome to email or call with any concerns during the school year. It was nice to share stories and triumphs with you and I look forward to the next quarter. Just a reminder that the Science Alive program will be this Friday and the 7th grade time slot is from 1:50 - 2:40 p.m.

11/04 I'm looking forward to meeting with all of you this Thursday. Please be aware that all three of the Middle School teachers will be meeting together to make it more convenient for you. We will be set up in my homeroom - Room 204. See you then!

10/28 The end of the quarter is quickly approaching! I cannot believe this is the last week already of 1st quarter. Also, Halloween is this Thursday - please note the school guidelines for dress-up. Although we do not have classroom parties in Middle School, students are welcome to bring in treats to celebrate the day.

10/21 The 1st quarter is quickly coming to a close on November 1st. It has flown by and the kids are doing great and I am proud of their accomplishments during these past couple of months. I'm looking forward to meeting with each of you at Conferences and be on the lookout for a sign up to get a time that works best for you.

10/14 We should be finishing up IOWA's this week and getting back into our routine. I will be collecting Science Notebooks this week. Every assignment should have a heading that includes the page number and all assignments should be complete and in chronological order.

10/7 Here comes the IOWA Testing! Time to get the #2's all sharpened up and ready to go! We will be testing primarily in the mornings for the next two weeks so promptness in the morning is encouraged. 8th graders will be testing their bridge structures this Tuesday so it should be an exciting time as our goal is to put all 14 of the science textbooks on top of their sturdy structures!

9/30 Have a nice extended weekend! 8th grade will be building some tetrahedron bridges next week and should bring in their supplies. 6th grade rock projects are due on Tuesday and the students are so excited about rocks! I can't wait to see what creatures the 7th graders are creating and naming using binomial nomenclature!

9/23 The 6th graders have begun their unit about rocks. They will be putting together an awesome rock foldable after they complete their rock research using their new Chromebooks. We will talk about the project in class this Wednesday and they will have a week to complete it.

9/16 TODAY is picture day! Remember to send in the money and picture envelope with your child. Also, please remember to empty the Friday folder each weekend before returning it to school on Monday morning. We have a sticker contest in 7th grade that runs throughout the year. The student with the most stickers on their Friday Folder in June wins a prize!

9/9 The students did a great job learning about the laboratory equipment they will be using this year in Science. All of their studying paid off. Graded tests will be coming home today if they didn't get home last Friday.

9/3 What an awesome start to the school year! The students are so motivated and excited to learn new things! Thank you for sending your children to St. A's. Each and every one of them is truly a blessing.

8/26 Welcome to a new school year! It is going to be a great year! Please make sure that your child has their supplies by Tuesday, September 3. Also, all hard cover books should be covered by this date.

This week we will be spending time getting to know each other and practicing our teamwork skills. Just a reminder- summer learning bingo boards are due by Tuesday, September 3. The drawing will take place on Friday.

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