Gold Leader

Vail Public Library

Gold Leader

Vail, CO

Gold member since 2016

Vail Public Library celebrated its 35th birthday in 2018. When the library was built in 1983 and first opened its doors in the current location on July 4, 1983, we had the largest green roof west oft the Mississippi River and employed many of the best-practice green design principles of the time, such as day-lighting, an earth-sheltered roof with a thermally efficient structure, and fantastic integration with and visual connection to the wonderful site. The library, now over 36 years old, is still a leader in green design and an important and beautiful icon for the Town of Vail.

Responsible Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • Reduce number of commuting miles by providing fee Eco passes to all employees and promote the Sole Power Green Commuting Challenge.

Waste Minimization & Diversion

    • Use Eco-friendly cleaning supplies , reusable dishware, flatware and glasses in staff kitchen.
    • Diverted waste going to the landfill through recycling and composting.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Support in improving water quality of Gore Creek through education efforts resulting in improvement of water quality macro invertebrate counts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Participate in two eWaste and Household Hazardous Waste recycling events with Town of Vail.
    • Offer worm composting workshops to teach people how they can recycle food waste into compost for plants at home.
    • Participate in the Town of Vail Clean Up, Highway Clean up and River Clean up.
    • Collect unwanted items and send them to the Eagle Valley Rummage Sale so they can be reused or re-purposed and kept out of the landfill.
    • Provide Earth Day and Summer Reading Program Recycling Education programming for local youth in partnership with Walking Mountains Science Center.
    • Earned Actively Green certification in 2015.
    • Offer patrons environmentally friendly reusable bags designed to protect items from rain and snow damage .