Gold Leader

Manitou Springs School District

Gold Leader

Manitou Springs, CO

Gold member since 2013

Manitou Springs School District serves approximately 1450 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 who reside in the communities of Manitou Springs, Woodland Park and Colorado Springs.

Responsible Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • LED lighting, HVAC controls, temperature control, automatic light switches.
    • Bus routes improved to save fuel.

Waste Minimization & Diversion

    • Diverted waste to landfill through recycling and compost programs.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Reduced water usage through the installation of new flow meters.
    • Installed water fountains for students to fill water bottles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Students at Manitou Springs Elementary School grow vegetables and raise chickens for eggs.
    • Hosted Bike or walk to School Day, an annual event, promoting cycling or walking as a healthy, safe, & environmentally friendly alternative to driving.
    • Offer free exercise classes to all staff, including local pool and gym access.
    • Free flu shots to all staff
    • Students set up recycling events for the community.

Computer Settings/Recycling

    • Work with Apple and local recycling companies, recycles 100% of unusable technology equipment
    • Donate older equipment to local charities.
    • No screen savers allowed and computer labs automatically turns off at 4:00pm
    • Installed print PIN's on all Copy machines
    • Moved to Student on-line Management Program, less printing.