How to Register

for a Workshop

  1. Go to and sign in to your Connecting Colorado account.

2. Select "Workshops" at the top left of your profile screen.

3. From your "My Workshops" home screen, select "Register for Workshops."

4. Choose from the list of upcoming workshops.

5. You can see more details about a workshop by clicking on the title.

6. You can register for a workshop by selecting the white checkbox on the left of each workshop title.

7. All workshops you have registered for will appear on your "My Workshops" home page.

8. If you are unable to attend a workshop you can select "Remove" to cancel your registration.

9. The link for the workshop will go live 1 hour before the start time. To find the link select "Workshops" from the top of the screen and this will open up the 'My Workshops" home page. Click on the blue "Click here to join" (please note this will appear black until the link goes live).

10. All registered workshops will also appear in your "Calendar" which can be found by selecting "Menu" at the top of your profile screen and selecting "Calendar" from the drop down menu.

11. All workshops you have registered for will appear in your calendar. The live link will also appear here 1 hour before the workshop starts.