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                                     CAREERS STATEMENT

At Stanway we are dedicated to raising student aspirations and supporting them to achieve their full potential. Our careers programme aims to empower students to plan and manage their own futures. As a school we provide students through a variety of activities, opportunities to learn about future education paths, training and employment. This is delivered through a progressive Careers Education programme and is supported by a variety of careers and work related learning enrichment activities. Ultimately we work with our students to develop the skills needed to make successful life decisions and support their transition into adulthood. 

                              LEAD CONTACTS

Crystal Wadsworth –

 Deputy Headteacher (Line manager for Careers)

Paula Deighton – 

Careers and PSHE Lead

Farren McDonald - 

PSHE Coordinator

Tracy Laney –

Careers Adviser (level 6 qualified)

The Stanway School Careers Provision Aims

To prepare students for life post 16.

To help students to access information on the full range of post-16 education and training opportunities.

To provide independent, impartial careers guidance for all year 7-11 students.

To develop an understanding of different career paths through a variety of opportunities.

To develop an understanding of the differences between school and work.

To develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers.

To inspire students to chase and achieve their dreams

To provide students with real-life contacts with the world of work, so this can help them to understand where different choices can take them in the future.

To instil a healthy attitude towards work.

To promote equality of opportunity, challenge stereotyping and support inclusion.

To support students after leaving school.

To offer targeted support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. 

Careers Delivery

Careers Education: embedded with-in the PSHE Education curriculum delivered by tutors from year 7 through to year 11.

Careers advice: We have a level 6 Careers Adviser who is available to all students. The Careers office is located opposite Student Services. Mrs Laney is available Monday to Thursday 7.45 – 3.45 and on parents evenings. Parents and students may make appointments for career advice with her. In addition during their school career all students will receive at least 1 individual interview in year 11 to ensure they are prepared for their journey post 16.

Careers, Enrichment Days: during whole school enrichment days year groups will experience in year 9 an Enterprise project, year 10 will follow a Careers day programme lead by Business Mentors from a variety of career paths ‘First Impressions Count – Skills for Success’, Mock Interviews with employers, and they will also have a Post 16 ‘Taster Day’. Year 11 students attend the Stanway School Careers Fair in November, where they make contact with a full range of employers and post 16 education and training providers. 

Careers Events: Further opportunities are provided for students to meet with employers/ colleges/ apprenticeship providers throughout the school year in smaller groups focusing on student interests. Trips to different employers and college taster days are also on offer.

 Career Links: We work closely with local education and training providers to ensure that students and parents are aware of the different pathways available to them e.g. A-Levels, T-Levels, vocational courses, apprenticeships.

                              Provider Access Requests

Any provider wishing to access the school should contact Tracy Laney - Careers Adviser.  The school may also be contacted by telephone on 01206 575488 to organise an initial meeting. 

The school’s Careers policy sets out the school’s approach to allowing providers into school as visitors to talk to our students: 

See below

                          Careers Policy and Procedure

Please click on the link to view our Careers Policy, which includes:

The school’s next review of this information will be January 2023.

Revised CAREERS Policy Stanway 2023.docx
The Stanway School: Provider Access Policy
CAREERS Policy Stanway 2021.docx

Students in part time employment whilst still in education

Please see advice and guidance re; young people in part time employment.

The safeguarding of our students is highly important to us here at Stanway.

                          Qualification Levels

A Parents' Guide to Careers Guidance