This is a short week. We are off on Monday, February 17th, in honor of President's Day and on Friday, Fenruary 21st, for our faculty retreat.

Oreo Cookies

Who knew Math could be so much fun? And so tasty? Thank you, fourth grade, for purchasing the Oreo's and participating in such a yummy activity. Multiplication and divisionwith Oreo's equals YUM!

A. C. Moore :

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the great sales being offered -- especially as it relates to the supplies needed for our Mother's Day art project -- specifically:

1 -- 4 inch terra cotta flower pot

1 piece of styrofoam that will fit in this pot

1 -- electric candle

1 - bunch of false flowers -- roses with baby's breath and greens are ideal.

First in Math:

  • First in Math is an excellent resource designed to strengthen Math concepts and provide challenges in a fun way. I require that each student receive at minimum 100 stickers each week. Please be sure that you receive these stickers by 9PM on Sunday. Congratulations to Jonary Jimenez Ramirez who has more than 16,000 stickers. We rank second for "Team of the Month." Jonary is now ranked number 1 in our school. Wow!! High Fives to our top five players:
  • Jonary Jimenez Ramirez ----- 16.357 stickers
  • Melany Arriaga ------ 9.503 stickers
  • Julian Jimenez Ruiz ----- 6.120 stickers
  • Ryan Wang ----- 6.023 stickers
  • Daisy Chiem ----- 5.786 stickers

Woo Hoo!!!!

Thank you. Have a blessed week.

Miss Fina

Below, please find examples of the manger made by students in prior years. Please refer to the directives above. This project is due on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.