Welcome to Fourth Grade

I extend to each of you a sincere and heartfelt welcome. Fourth grade promises to be an wonderful year. I hope you are ready for all the exciting things we will be learning.

Our breakfast program began last Monday. If you would like a breakfast, please arrive no earlier than 8:00. Your breakfast items will be in available for pickup. All students must be finished eating by the time the prayer bell rings at 8:22.

Your first Social Studies test will be on Tuesday. I hope you are studying each night. Also on Tuesday, we will have our first Home and School Association meeting. The meeting begins promptly at 7:00PM.

As a reminder, dismissal will be at 2:45. Our lunch program doesn't begin until September 24, so until that time, please bring your own bagged lunch. Snacks and bottled water will be available for purchase.

I hope you have been brushing up on your multiplication tables. Since one skill in Math builds upon another, it's essential that you commit these facts to memory so that they can be recalled quickly.

Please note that this year, following afternoon prayers, we will participate in SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) for 10 minutes, Be sure to bring your favorite book.

Be sure to get to bed early, so you can be wide eyed and bushy tailed for all that we will do each week.

God Bless You.