Shout out to our very own Gabi Screnci and Ida Jacob. Both girls have been giving of them selves to benefit children needing care at CHOP ( to date, they have received over $116 in donations ) and more recently, Team Foster's Ruff Ride, a cause which helps disabled veterans receive service dogs at no cost to them. The girls are passionate about helping raise awareness for children and disabled veterans in the area, and are found fund raising in Columbus Park. We couldn't be prouder of their selflessness and compassion for others. If you're in the area, stop by and give them a shout - out. They are most deserving of the praise. Great job, girls! Super proud of you!

Alas, we arrive at our last week of school. :( It has been a pleasure watching you grow and morph into the fine young girls and boys that you are! I have enjoyed having taught you, and wish you all things beautiful and wonderful in the years to come. Remember to be kind to one another.


**** There will be NO AFTER CARES this week. *****

Monday - Wednesday - June 14, 15, and 16th - Noon Dismissal

Tuesday, June 15th - Final Dress Down Day of the Year - $2.00 donation, please

Thursday, June 17th - No school for students

Friday, June 18th - report to school at 8:00 - You will be dismissed at 9:40 from church

Report Card Honorees!

First Honors:

Ida Jacob Principal List: Ida Jacob

Gabriella Screnci

Dominic Di Filippo

2nd Honors:

Maria Mezzina

Anthony Spina

Virtual Classroom for April:

There is a new link posted for out virtual class.... This will be in effect until April 30th. The ID number is: 723 3718 8081 ... Password is: pU0Pc0 ( both zeros )

First in Math:

Remember, you need to earn at least 100 stickers per week. Not participating in FIRST IN MATH will adversely affect your grade!!

Kudos to the top 5 players in our room

  1. Saul Rodriguez 6, 786 stickers

  2. Giselle Kirby 6, 572 stickers

  3. Dominic Di Filippo 6, 121 stickers

  4. Brooklynn Parker 5, 916 stickers

  5. Emily Pineda 5, 215 stickers

Students of the Month/Ambassador of Jesus, Mary and St. Lucy

Students of the Month: Ambassador of Jesus, Mary and St. Lucy

September: Giselle Kirby Ida Jacob

October: Giosue Bruno Emily Pineda

November: Gabriella Screnci Dominic Di Filippo

December: Giovanni Scafidi John McGovern

January: Brianna Arroyo Emily Koons

February: Elizabeth Koons Maria Mezzina

March: Saul Rodriguez Brooklyn Parker

April: Anthony Spina Luciana Rossano

May: Axel Cornejo

We are 100 days smarter

Valentine's Day with our Fourth Graders

We bid a fond farewell to our friend, Giosue. We will miss you and wish you well in your new school.

Happy Birthday, Sister Carmela

We appreciate you, Father Nick

Congratulations to Gabriella and Ida who received first honors.

Congratulations to Dominic, Maria and Anthony who worked hard and achieved second honors. Job well done, fourth grade!

Pretty In Purple

Happy Birthday, Mrs. A. You leave a lasting impression on those you have taught!!

Fourth Grade is Picture Perfect!! You looked handsome and beautiful for your Spring Pictures!!

Look who joined us for Terra Nova testing1 It was wonderful seeing you again, Derrick1 We missed you!!