Grade 4


Our season of prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving began on Wednesday. Many times, young children "give up" candy, soda, or potato chips. But, as fourth graders, perhaps we can "do more" ... perhaps go to church (more) than just on Sunday....maybe play less Fortnite and spend more time with Grandmom and Grandpop....maybe institute device free dining - and instead, talk to each other as you share a meal....or, perhaps as a family, you can pray before meals, or before going to sleep for the night. Personally, I know a family that prayed the rosary at 7:00 each night. They noted that they gained a deeper understanding of the love Jesus and Mary had for us. Our goal during Lent is to change our heart, so that we can appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for us when died on the cross. What will you do to prepare for Jesus resurrection at Easter?

The third trimester begins tomorrow. Congratulations to all of my students who work so very diligently during the 2nd trimester. Thirteen students have achieved honors. Kudos to all -- each and every one of you. It really is a pleasure and honor to come to work each day.

Terra Nova Testing:

  • Testing begins this week ( Friday)
  • Please be prepared with at least 5 (#2) pencils and a good eraser
  • The test is given in timed sections. Should you finish early, I know I can count on you to remain quiet while others are still working. To that point, please bring in a book that you would like to read.


  • There will be no written tests this week. But, please study your Social Studies and Science notes daily.

First in Math:

  • The stickers noted in your homework assignment books Monday night are the first that are recorded for your third trimester. Remember, you are required to earn 100 stickers each week.
  • Congratulations to our top 5 students who have earned more than 3000 stickers.

Liam Soewito ---- 12,748

Lucia Jackominic - 10, 831

Nicholas Porchia - 6,229

Catherine Guiffreda -3,498

Matthew Gold 3,407