Welcome to 7th Grade

Week of September 17, 2018

Welcome to September

Welcome Back to the Students of the 7th Grade

7th Grade Where Knowledge is Power

Thank you to all of my Parents/Guardians for filling out all of the beginning of the School year paperwork. I am happy to report that we have a 100% return rate.

Our first Home and School Meeting/Meet your Son/Daughter's Teacher will be on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. The meeting begins at 7:00. I am looking forward to meeting each of my Parent/Guardians. See you Tuesday night.

Our Christmas Kit sale is under way. This fundraiser helps to support the retired Religious Sisters Filippini who have worked at our school and various other ministries. Let us show our support for these women who have dedicated their lives in service to God.

In regards to our Fund Raiser....We the 7th grade want to be in the "Pig Race". It is up to you to put us there. Please try to sell at least one item so that the 7th grade can compete in the "Pig Race."

Students need an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll for a Social Studies project by this Friday.

Notes for the Week

Monday -- Christmas Kit Fundraiser continues

Tuesday -- Gym/Music

Wednesday --

Thursday -- Fire Drill

Friday -- Pretzel Money due -- $2.50 for five days.