Welcome to the website of the Virtual AMO Seminar (VAMOS). The Virtual AMO Seminar is held weekly on Friday at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST. It can be accessed at this Zoom link and at this YouTube channel if the webinar is full. (Note: The Zoom webinar is slated to begin 1 hr before the actual seminar start time of 12:00 PM PST, to solve any technical issues.)

We are also hosting post-seminar discussion sessions with the speaker. The discussion will take place in a separate Zoom room directly after the seminar (the link will be shared during the seminar), and all attendees are welcome to participate. To especially encourage students and postdocs to attend these discussion sessions, faculty will be asked to leave after 15 minutes. We look forward to having you join us!

To learn more:

  • Check the schedule page for upcoming talks.

  • We welcome your nominations of speakers. We are beginning the series with full-length talks (45 minutes + questions) by faculty, but future weeks may also include two back-to-back student talks (20 minutes + questions).

  • Sign up for our Google group email list to receive email announcements and updates about the seminar series.