Standby for Places

Welcome to Standby For Places, a podcast that brings radio shows into 2020!

Created in the summer of 2020, Standby For Places focuses on making theatre accessible to everyone, no matter where they are and with no cost or time constraints at just a click of a button! Simply tune in to your Spotify or Apple Podcast and listen to full length plays, voiced by actors from all over the country!

Whether it's a new play or one of the classics, we try to bring it all to you for your audio pleasure, so check us out!

Coming Up...

Tartuffe by Moliere, Directed by Benjamin Mandell

First performed in 1664, Tartuffe, Molière’s most famous comedy, was banned for its depiction of an outwardly pious individual who at their core are deceitful, manipulative, and entirely self-serving. Tartuffe (or as he is often referred to, “The Imposter,” or “The Hypocrite,”), impresses the war veteran Orgon with his “deep and heartfelt prayer” in church, and is taken in as a spiritual cleanse to his household. Tartuffe cast his spell over Orgon and his mother, Madame Pernelle, much to the dismay of the rest of their family. Orgon’s fealty to Tartuffe puts his livelihood at risk – his daughter Mariane’s marriage, his wife Elmire’s trust, and the very land on which they live.

Tartuffe: Part 1 is AVAILABLE NOW!

Tartuffe: Part 2 will be out July 21st