Minimum Viable Workplace

This site is intended as a place for early participants of the Minimum Viable Workplace community to share ideas, objectives and something about themselves.

There are discussion threads here and a place to share links here. If you want to be a part of it, the first thing to do is to sign up to the discussion group and then introduce yourself on the Introductions discussion thread.

We hope that the community will evolve into a group that meets both online and in the physical world.

The Minimum Viable Workplace (MVW) initial position:

  • What’s the minimum that people need (individually and collectively) to let them get on with doing stuff?
  • Who is responsible for shaping the MVW?
  • How can this be achieved in siloed, functional organisations?


Spring 2017 - Discovery phase

Who is interested?

What are they looking to get from the exercise?

Do we have a good mix of experience and expertise?

What are the ground rules?

Shall we meet?

Summer 2017 - Workshop

Opportunity to come together to explore themes of interest, define opportunities and next steps (if any)