Hour of Code Links and Info

Welcome to the Hour of Code for 2018. This year, National Computer Science Education Week is December 3-9. We will focus on trying coding during that week, but you can code anytime-----it is good for your brain! Use the links you will find on this website to choose an activity that will help you understand computer coding and practice your problem solving skills!

Our Code.org Classrooms

  • Kindergarten: 7400130
  • 1st Grade: 77970103
  • 2nd Grade: 42901968
  • 3rd Grade: 38427665
  • 4th Grade: 72577011
  • 5th Grade: 32079301
  • 6th Grade: 31997647
  • 7th Grade: 6870814
  • 8th Grade: 69177965

  • PreSchool: prek9999
  • Kindergarten: kg888
  • 1st Grade: 1st2017
  • 2nd Grade: 2nd9999
  • 3rd Grade: Third777

CoSpaces for Education Augmented or Virtual Reality creations....give it a try! Join my class using the join code J85SC

Metaverse for Education will also allow you to create an AR experience. Sign in with your school google credentials.

Try your hand at programming the Finch robots with SNAP or SCRATCH programming tools! Get a Finch from Mrs. Yakes and use these links to learn how to program the robots. The Light Bulb icon labeled Birdbrain Technologies on your desktop will link you to the proper programming tools once your finch is connected!

Use these tutorials to help you get started: For Grades K-5 and For Grades 6-8

Copy of Hour of Code Text Set K-5- 2017