Speech & Debate

Welcome to Harker Speech & Debate!

We are looking forward to a year of some online and some in person competition. As of now, we are not taking any overnight trips. We are hopeful that conditions will improve and we will be able to update the schedule. We are confident that Harker will have a great season.

Harker Speech & Debate Code

We strive to work together and represent Harker by embodying the values of our program as outlined in the following code:

  • We seek to achieve growth instead of fixed mindsets. We recognize that preparation matters more than anything else to our success.

  • We focus on self-improvement instead of external factors, such as partners or judges. We use constructive criticism to learn and improve.

  • We strive to be community role models, inside and outside of rounds.

  • We support our teammates when they win and when they lose.

  • We practice inclusive leadership so that everyone feels like respected members of the team.

  • We strive for excellence.

  • The coaches and students are one team, across all events.