Spring No. 1, Friday 11th January 2019

Gospel of the Week

Jesus Is Baptised by John

All the people were hoping for the Christ to come, and they wondered about John. They thought, “Maybe he is the Christ.”

John answered everyone, “I baptise you with water, but there is one coming later who can do more than I can. I am not good enough to untie his sandals. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

When all the people were being baptised by John, Jesus also was baptised. While Jesus was praying, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit came down on him. The Spirit was in the form of a dove. Then a voice came from heaven and said, “You are my Son and I love you. I am very pleased with you.”

Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

Temporary School Office Entrance

From Monday 14th January, there will be a new temporary entrance to the School Office. It will be at the other end of the school, opposite St Michael's Church. You will be able to walk in through the gate (pictured left/above), up the ramp and into the school. You will need to ring the bell and the School Office staff will then open the door for you. This entrance will be in operation for about three or four weeks, while the reception and office area are completely refurbished and renovated, after which we will revert to the usual entrance. Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Assembly and Coffee Morning Timetable


  • Friday 18th January - Class 2B
  • Friday 25th January - Class 1/2H
  • Friday 1st February - Class 3/4H
  • Friday 8th February - Class 5/6Mc
  • Friday 15th February - No Assembly
  • Half Term
  • Friday 1st March - Class 1D
  • Friday 8th March - Class 5K
  • Friday 15th March - Class 3G
  • Friday 22nd March - Class 4H
  • Friday 29th March - Class RA/RP
  • Friday 5th April - Class 6M

Coffee Morning:

  • Friday 18th January - No Performance
  • Friday 25th January - Class 2B
  • Friday 1st February - Class 1/2H
  • Friday 8th February - Class 3/4H
  • Friday 15th February - Class 5/6Mc
  • Half Term
  • Friday 1st March - No Performance
  • Friday 8th March - Class 1D
  • Friday 15th March - Class 5K
  • Friday 22nd March - Class 3G
  • Friday 29th March - Class 4H
  • Friday 5th April - Class RA/RP

Remembrance Display

We are constructing a special Remembrance Installation to be on permanent display within the school. We would like as many children as possible to bring in a used/old plastic water bottle which will be recycled into the display. We would like to have the display finished by the end of the month so please bring in a bottle as soon as possible.

Congratulations to Mr Kenny

We are delighted to announce the Mr Kenny has become engaged. We are not sure why it took him so long to pluck up the courage and ask but thankfully Meli said yes!

Osmington Bay Residential Visit

We had a parent/carers meeting last night (Thursday 10th January) about the Residential Visit to Osmington Bay for NEXT year's Year 6 children in September 2019. We would like to thank the parent/carers for coming to the meeting and would like to remind you that deposits for the visit are due to be paid by Thursday 31st January 2019. The deposit and the remaining balances may all be paid via the School money Portal as usual. If you are having difficulty accessing your account please see the article below.

School Money

We have had a few parents calling the school to say that they are unable to access their account on School Money. In most cases this has been because they have clicked the link 'school money school login' rather than the link at the bottom, indicated by the arrow in the picture on the left/above, that reads 'school money parent login'.

if you follow this link:


it will take you straight to the parent login page, bypassing the main page. You may, of course, access the page by following the parent link on the main home page as indicated by the arrow in the picture above/left.

House Points

The House Points Champions of the Autumn Term were St George! Well done to everyone in St George and good luck to all the other houses for this term.

Gold Letters

The totals up until this week are:

RA - 84

RP - 49

1D - 119

1/2H - 95

2B - 198

3G - 145

3/4H - 43

4H - 120

5K - 68

5/6Mc - 85

6M - 72

Well done to everyone!

Girls Football Club

We are hoping to start a Girls Football Club in the New Year, a female FA coach, Anna Russell, is hoping to run an after school club on Thursday evenings. The sessions will only cost £4.50 per session (usually £6.00) and will give the girls great confidence and help them to improve their football skills, while having lots of fun. If there is great enough demand we might be able to run a club on Monday too.

Please follow this link to see the application form:

The girls who took part in the taster sessions have all been given an application form. Please fill it in and return it to the School office if you would like your children to take part in the After School Club.

Extra Curricular Clubs

All Before or After School Clubs are now up and running for the Autumn Term.

Use of Mobile Phones Policy

We would like to remind parent/carers that St Winefride's operates a No Mobile Phone policy on the school premises. This means that your mobile should stay in your bag/coat/pocket etc. while you are on the school premises, including the Dinner Hall and the playground.

Please see this link for more details:

or go to our policies page on the school website.

Start of School Day

Please remember that the main gate is open from 8.45am to 8.55am. If you or your children arrive after this time you will need to access the school via the School Office. Please be mindful that the school staff are simply following the procedure set down by the Governors of the school. While there will always be some leeway in the time that the gate is shut (it is very rarely shut exactly on the dot of 8.55am) once it has closed it will not be reopened. The member of staff on the gate has the full support of the Senior Leadership Team of the school and as we are sure you are aware everyone in the school has a huge amount to do every day! So please make sure you arrive between 8.45am and 8.55am if you wish to use the main gate.

Happy New Year

Finally we would like to wish the whole school community a wonderful New Year and we are already looking forward to all of the fantastic things that will be happening throughout the remainder of the school year.

This Week's Prayer

Dear Father,

Thank you for new beginnings.Help us to make the most of them, not through our own strength, but through the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. In the name of Jesus we pray.


God Bless You,

Mr Underwood