Programme Highlights

2018 Highlights

Post OLE - #SST-ACTvocates 2019 Preparation

Upon return from their OLE trips in 2018, students gathered and reflected about their key learning points. From the reflection process, our students embarked on their journey as active citizens - developing their advocacy action plans for the various causes they champion.

SST Open House 2018

The ACE leaders advocated for the various causes they championed and shared with the public how their efforts of raising awareness marked the beginning of their journey in becoming active citizens, contributing to the betterment of our community.

Basic Advocacy & Service Education 2018 (May)

Celebrations 2018 (April)

#SST-ACTvocates 2018 - Earth Week 2018 (April)

#SST- ACTvocates Outreach 2018 (February - April)

#SST-ACTvocates with PUB - Singapore World Water Day ( 17, 18 March )

A group of our #SST-ACTvocates chose to spend a weekend during their March vacation doing their part for the community. These students had the opportunity to work with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to advocate for water conservation during the Singapore World Water Day. They shared their knowledge about the scarcity of water and water conservation tips, convincing the community that every drop of water counts. Through their efforts, they were able to reach out to over 400 people in our community, convincing them to make a conscious effort to save water in their everyday life.

Here are some takeaways from these advocates:

"For a successful outreach to happen, we not only need facts and knowledge about the issue. We also need to know how to relate to the people and make the information relevant to them." - Julian and Meiqi

"We have been assuming that Singaporeans do not show much concern about our community, especially with regards to environmental issues. That's because we have not been out there doing our part and talking to them. Most of them are nice and are receptive to what we shared. They made their pledge to save water! I feel good about this. It is tiring but I feel good that I had done something good." - Lesnar

"I learnt that every bit of our effort counts. I may be only one person, but if I am able to convince 1 other person and in turn, they convince others, we create a ripple effect, and before we know it, we would have impacted our community!" - David Sun

"I learnt that rejection can be discouraging, but it is part and parcel of this (advocacy outreach). What is more important is that we move on and not give up because there are others who will be receptive." - Yee Rong and Lija

#ACEfooddrive2k18 (10 Mar)

The ACE leaders and teacher volunteers, together with Mr Raymond Khoo and his team of volunteers from the Saturday Movement, made their way down to the Lengkok Bahru community and distributed the food collected during #ACEfooddrive2k18 on 10 March 2018. Here are some of the thoughts from the leaders.

"This is such a humbling experience for us. There are old folks around us who are living in such underprivileged conditions, and when we visited them with this small token of goodies, they are so happy and contented to have us. Even with so little, they did not hesitate to invite us to their homes for snacks and drinks. We can definitely learn from them, their generosity and resilience in life. We can do more for them - every bit that we give, means so much to them."

"Looking at how the volunteers from the Saturday Movement devote their time to serving these underprivileged community every Saturday, makes me realise how much more we can do for the underprivileged and the less fortunate community around us. It is all about commitment and priorities. We want to continue to serve them, not just once a year."

#SST-ACTvocates Sharing (9 Mar)

Four of our Year 2 #SST-Actvocates had the honour and pleasure to share their advocacy experiences with Mr Goh Kim Hock (Chairmain), Mr Tan Ter Lun (Vice-Chairman) and Mr Yeo Boon Hon (Vice-Chairman) from Ngee Ann Kongsi, Education subcommittee on 9 March 2018. During the sharing session, our distinguished guests shared some useful knowledge and pointers with our students and encouraged them to continue to do their level best for the community.

#ACEfooddrive2k18 (7 Feb - 12 Feb)

This year, the ACE leaders initiated a food donation drive with the objective to help improve the poverty situation of the beneficiaries from FOOD FROM THE HEART and some 135 underprivileged elderly families living in the Lengkok Bahru vicinity. After communicating with the organization and Mr Raymond Khoo (a volunteer with the Lengkok Bahru community) and finding out their needs, the ACE leaders set out to help at least 200 families with the food items collected during the food donation drive. The ACE leaders collected about 624 bottles of essence of chicken, 200 packs of rice, 200 bottles of cooking oil, 275 packets of Milo, 230 cans of Sardines, 200 cans of mushrooms and almost 350 packs of biscuits . We have also collected food items such as tea and coffee, cans of baked beans and instant noodles. These food items will reach out to at least 350 families based on their needs. This number is way above their aim of helping 200 families! This is possible only because of your generous contributions.

The food items were delivered to FOOD FROM THE HEART on 14 Feb 2018 (Wednesday). The ACE leaders and teacher volunteers will also be distributing 135 food bags to the underprivileged elderly families from the Lengkok Bahru community on 10 March 2018 (Saturday) between 9am - 2 pm.

The ACE leaders would like to thank all students, parents and staff of the SST community for your support and generous donations.

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wishing all a Happy Lunar New Year!

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Flag Day with the Epilepsy Care Group (27 Jan)

Our Year four students kicked off their year raising awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Care Group. They interacted with the public and acquired valuable communication skills when convincing others to support their cause.

#SST-ACTvocates @Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (20 Jan)

On 20th January 2018, thirteen of our Year two students, led by two of their Year four seniors reached out to the community and the students of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. They advocated for different 21st century challenges and encouraged the public to do their part to tackle these issues. This experience not only developed their confidence in public speaking, it is also the first step in their journey as active citizens, giving back to the society.

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2017 Highlights

Basic Advocacy and Service Education (BASE)

Our Year One Students started off their Active Citizenship journey in SST through a 3-Day Workshop that exposed them to the Service Learning Cycle in the context of environmental issues. They conducted a beach clean-up at West Coast Park and came together as a class to propose strategies to better manage our waste and care for our environment.


Overseas Learning Experience (OLE) Programme 2017

Our Year One students embarked on their Overseas Learning Experience (OLE) in June and November this year. They explored the ASEAN region and beyond to reinforce their understanding that our communities are interconnected and interdependent despite having different beliefs, cultures and values. The OLE programme is designed to also develop our students' cross-cultural understanding and explore the different issues facing the communities around the world. With this knowledge and understanding, and equipped with the service and advocacy skills, they are empowered to take action, to make a positive change for the community.

National Day @SST 2017

PforSST has consistently provided strong support to the school's programmes and events. This year, our dedicated group of parents, together with our staff and students, decided to plan and execute a National Day Celebration programme that is uniquely SST.

As such, SST entered the Singapore Book of Records by setting a record for the largest display formed using Learning Devices. Using 600 laptops, the SST community formed a large Singapore flag to commemorate Singapore's 52nd birthday.

#SST-ACTvocates 2017

Our Year One and Two students rise up to the challenge of being a youth advocate and became the agent of influence for the SST community during #SST-ACTvocates. #SST-ACTvocates was held over three days in October during their post exam period. Over the three days programme, the students reflected on their overseas learning experiences, and worked together as teams of advocates to research into their area of community concerns. Facilitated by the Year Three Active Citizenship Education (ACE) leaders, the students shared their understanding and views of different environmental, healthcare and social issues before drawing relevance to their community. Understanding their roles and responsibilities as an individual in their community, they worked towards an action plan to raise awareness for the causes they champion, and with a strong commitment, they seek to alleviate the issues faced by the community.