Active Citizenship Education (ACE)

Thinking Globally, Acting "Locally"

The Active Citizenship Education programme, also known as ACE@SST programme plays a pivotal role in fostering SST students to become global citizens who see the world as an interconnected set of systems; who seek to interact with and learn from people from diverse cultural backgrounds; who possess the attributes that will allow them to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities abroad; who develop respect and empathy for those whom they share the planet with; who advocate positive social action and serve the community with purpose and enthusiasm.

Our Philosophy Statement

We seek to nurture students who are open to multiple perspectives, and are in touch with what’s happening around the world. We would like to develop students who can be locals everywhere they go - to take action as locals, regardless of their geographical origin or destination.

Our Mission

To develop every individual as an active global citizen who is able to contribute to the betterment of the community through their actions.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Every individual, a global citizen
  2. Every citizen, an agent of influence
  3. Every citizen, an agent for positive social change