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Brookside Middle School



The SSLCS BMS Landing Page will include the following:

  1. Building-Level Updates

  2. Expectations

  3. Links to Teacher Sites

  4. Calendar

  5. FAQ

  6. Resources for Students/Parents

Updates and information

Teacher Pages

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Mrs. Basinski

Mr. Iwanek

Mrs. Rector

Ms. Traine

Mr. Bomback

Ms. Miller

Mrs. Torbert

Ms. Payan


Mr. Baughman

Ms. Falsey

Mrs. A. Rosso

Ms. Traine

Ms. Palmer

Mrs. B. Rosso

Mrs. Schremp


Mr. Barhorst

Mrs. Hartman

Mr. O'Donnell

Mrs. Pokrywka

Mrs. Vasquez

Ms. Fritz

Mrs. Monacelli

Mr. Partridge

Mrs. Sheehan

Mrs. Terra


Students will...

  1. Create a space and dedicated time for learning

  2. Break up the day to be their productive best

  3. Seek help when needed (teachers, guidance, principals)

  4. Create balance by taking opportunities to work offline and upload tasks

  5. Sign into the sites daily- keep connected

  6. Use Google Calendar to organize classes

  7. Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments

  8. Engage with the classroom and use tools (like headphones) to focus on instructional videos, etc.

  9. Communicate with your teacher and examine feedback

  10. Follow the Code of Conduct

  11. Demonstrate online learning etiquette

  12. Reach out to your teachers if you are overwhelmed

  13. Collaborate with peers using respectful language and behaviors

  14. Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

  15. Wear attire acceptable for school

  16. Support each other in this new way of learning

  17. Be patient with yourselves and your teachers- we are all learning together!