Ms. Sand


My name is Betsy Sand. My husband and I live in Stewartville with our children, Teagan, Avery, and Bryce. This fall, I will be starting my twelfth year teaching in the special education department at Stewartville High School. I graduated from Winona State University in 2006. Prior to starting at SHS, I worked for two years at Bear Cave Intermediate School in Stewartville, Lincoln High School in Lake City, MN, and Fillmore Central High School in Harmony, MN.

I believe that students with disabilities are able to gain skills to overcome their academic and behavioral concerns in an effort to become independent in school and in the community in which they live. This is done through being patient, caring and listening to the needs and desires of students with disabilities. I strive to create a trusting rapport with students and parents and I will develop these relationships in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.

If you need to contact me, please email me at or call at 507-533-1537. The best time to contact me via telephone is before or after school and during my prep time (9:46-10:30 a.m.).

Classroom ExpectationsComings and Goings Please arrive on time to class and be ready to work. Please use the restroom prior to class. Please bring all materials needed for class (pencils and materials from other classes).Attitude: Be polite. Be positive. Use your manners and kind words (no swearing). Be respectful to Mrs. Sand, the other staff and students in the room, and school and personal property.Behavior: Talk in a lower volume; no yelling. Keep your hands to yourself. Follow directions and be helpful in the classroom. Ask Mrs. Sand for permission prior to leaving the classroom.Consequences: Positive: call/email parents, free time, iPad time, or play a game.Negative:1st time: warning2nd time: call/email parents3rd time: detention Bullying and hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, and throwing items will have you sent to the office.

Teacher Schedule

Fall 2018

1st: Behavior Skills/Lang. Arts

2nd: Math

3rd: PREP

4th: Math


6th: Supervision hour

7th: Behavior Skills

8th: Organization Skills

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