Mr. Manley

Welcome to Stewartville Public High School.


As the French say, for the result to contain some level of excellence, there must be, "passion."

Members of the public communities will perform up to the level of excellence they perceive is expected of them. High academic standards will most assuredly produce high academic results. Key here us that everyone involved must have a clear understanding of these standards, thereby, allowing all involved with college to achieve, or in fact, exceed these goals and standards. Education is far too serious and important to allow, "good enough" to be good enough.

If all members; administrators, faculty, support staff, and students approach their roles with a sense of collegiality and a belief in the importance of what they are doing, the result will be a stronger intellectual environment. Additionally, all members must know specifically how their contribution is uniquely vital to the success of the mission of the college. When each person performs their role with passion, enthusiasm, and excellence, the outcome should never be in doubt.

Applicable here is JFK's pearl of wisdom, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Contact Information:

Phone - 5073533.1651

See below for schedule

Teacher Schedule

Hour 1: Psychology 7:50 - 8:38

Hour 2: Human Geography 8:42-9:30

Hour 3: American History 9:42-10:30

Hour 4: Human Geography 10:34-11:22

Hour 5: Lunch / Prep 11:22-12:22

Hour 6: Human Geography 12:26-1:13

Hour 7: Supervision 1:17-2:04

Hour 8: Prep 2:08-2:55

Classroom Expectations

  1. You are expected to be in class on time.

2. When I am speaking, you are expected to listen. When you are speaking, I am expected to listen.

3. Listen when I give directions, explanations, and make assignments. TAKE NOTES. If you didn’t hear it the first time, get the information from another student.

4. Bring what you need to class each day.

5. My desk and file cabinets are my personal property. Anything on my desk is for my use only.

6. Unless we have free time, work on class assignments only.

7. You are responsible to help keep the room clean-especially the area around your own desk.

8. I expect the use of decent language in class.

9. I view an unexcused absence or tardy as your direct statement that this class is not important to you. My response to you will show that.

10. 50% credit is the maximum late work can earn.

11. No credit can be earned on an assignment not turned in after five (5) days it is due.

As far as general classroom behavior goes, “responsible” is the key word. You are responsible and accountable for your behavior as a student and a scholar. If you are in violation of Stewartville High School student policies or your behavior becomes irresponsible, you can expect to receive consequences.

Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. If you think you have been treated unfairly, I encourage you to discuss it with me. Standards of behavior go both ways.

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