Ms. Manion

Welcome to Physical Science and STEAM!

Hello! I'm Ms. Manion and I am excited to begin my 5th year teacher at Stewartville High School and Middle School. As a part-time teacher, I will be teaching two sections of Physical Science, two sections of 8th grade STEAM, two sections of 7th grade STEAM, and will manage the Service Learning Program. I have a Master’s degree from St. Mary’s University in Winona and have a Bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I live in Stewartville with my husband and four kids.

My route to teaching has been different than most. I have worked in marketing, event-planning, politics, retail and agriculture. My hope is that I can use some of my personal and work experiences to help students overcome the complexities of science. My teaching philosophy stems from the idea that students learn best by being actively involved in the learning process. To help with this, I plan on providing lots of hands-on activities and multiple ways in which the class can experience science. I believe science should be both fun and relevant. Everyday I will help demonstrate how science relates to daily life. I promise to bring passion, compassion, and some more fun to the classroom! I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you as we progress through the year!

Please contact with any questions:

Office - 533.1413 Google Voice - 533.5921

Teacher Schedule

Hour 1 - Not available

Hour 2 - Teacher Prep

Hour 3 - Service Learning

Hour 4 - Physical Science (Room 209)

Hour 5 - STEAM (Room 418)

Hour 6 - Lunch

Hour 7 - Physical Science (Room 209)

Hour 8 - STEAM (Room 418)

The best time to reach me is during 2nd or 3rd hours. I will also be available after school from 2:55-3:30.

Classroom Expectations

For more information regarding my classes, please visit Schoology for schedule, assignments, expectations, and more information.

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