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I was born and raised in Plymouth, Wisconsin (Yes, I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan). After high school, I attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. In 1993, I graduated from UW-La Crosse with an Exercise Science degree. I worked at the Rochester Athletic Club for several years before obtaining my Elementary Education degree from Winona State University. In May of 2003, I received my Master's Degree in Education. I was hired as a 6th grade teacher in 1999. I am currently the Stewartville Head Softball Coach and Stewartville 7th grade Head Football Coach. In the middle of all my schooling and work, I married my college sweetheart, Chris (Buri-a 1989 SHS Grad). We have two lovely children, Caitlyn(Senior at UW-LaCrosse) and Cayden(11th Grade). In my free time, I enjoy golfing, coaching and spending time with my family.

My Contact information is as follows:

Room #143


phone: 507-533-1423 or Google Voice 507-944-0042

Teacher Schedule

7:45 Bell

7:50-8:37 Math 6

8:41-9:28 Math 6

9:32-10:19 Math 6

10:20-10:50 Lunch

10:54-11:22 PRIDE

11:26-12:16 Math 6

12:20-1:09 Math Prep

1:13-2:02 Math 6

2:06-2:55 Supervisory

Syllabus / Classroom Expectations This 6th grade Math class examines various areas in the mathematic areas of algebraic reasoning, integers and rational numbers, patterns, relationships, percent, measurements, equations/inequalities, and probability using the series, GoMath and other resources. Through the step-by-step guide and, students will practice each area to extend their knowledge in mathematics. This course will enable students to understand mathematical concepts while providing opportunities to integrate these areas in the real world.
Students will need the following items every day for Math class:· Notebook · Folder · Pencil · Calculator · Computer
Grading and Homework Policies:Homework will be given almost every night. Math is a subject that needs constant practice to become better. There will be a variety of assignments given throughout the chapter: book pages, worksheets, and IXL problems ( Assignments will be due the next day unless noted and is expected to be completed on time. If students have questions about a homework assignment, they need to make time to come in before the next class in order to get help. We will correct the assignment the next day in class and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and to fix their mistakes. Students will be able to use their notes and assignments for the homework checks.
If a student is absent, he/she is responsible to complete the notes and homework from that day. The notes and assignment will always be on the Schoology calendar or in the Math course.
Each week, students will be required to work on MN Math standards on the website Each student has his/her own username and password. IXL breaks down each MN standard into sections and provides examples for students to work on. IXL will be graded weekly. The breakdown of each standard is as follows: Smart Score of 80+: 4 pts Smart Score of 70 - 79: 3 pts Smart Score of 60 - 69: 2 pts Smart Score of 50 - 59: 1 pt Smart Score below 50: 0 pts
Assessments (Summative assessments) are worth 50% of the overall grade. Review sessions will be held during class time, but students will need to study outside of the classroom to be prepared. Reassessment Opportunity:All students are allowed reassessments on summative assessments. Students that have completed the formative process have the opportunity to reassess at teacher discretion. The higher score will always be recorded in the gradebook

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