Mr. Freudenburg

Sixth Grade Stewartville Middle School

Mr. Freudenburg Sixth Grade Minnesota History Teacher

Contact Information:

  • 507 533-1660

Dear Students and Parents,

My name is Dan Freudenburg and this is my tenth year at Stewartville Middle School. I grew up in Rochester and happened to have my own father as my sixth grade teacher.

My wife and I have two children, Evan and Elleigh, and two dogs, Mocha and Lucy.

I am looking forward to a great year.

Sixth Grade Social Studies focuses on Minnesota Studies. Starting with the first indigenous people of the area, we will study the history of Minnesota, and how physical geography has shaped our state today. We will also examine the government, citizenship, and economics of our great state. We begin with a study of the indigenous people of Minnesota (the Dakota and Ojibwe), then continue on to Minnesota’s settlement and statehood. Finally, major events in American history, such as the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, and more, are seen through Minnesotan experiences. The story of Minnesota’s past is augmented through the use of personal stories, letters, photographs, journals, and more from real Minnesota citizens.

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