Ms. Baldner

High School & Middle School Art Teacher

Rhonda Baldner

Contact Information: (507)533-1620 or (507) 944-0491

best time to reach me is 7:00- 7:45 or after school 3:00 to 3:30

Hello, I am the art teacher in the high school. My greatest satisfaction is igniting students' passion for the arts. My classroom is a heaven of solitude from academic subjects. Students experience success and discover that nothing is impossible, if you try. The energy level is at "Peak Alert" when no one is talking, no one is moving around, and the music is playing a soft melody; students are totally right-braining it. Then the bell rings, and everyone is scrambling to get to the next class. This is ART.

My favorite quote is by Albert Einstein - " Logic will get you to A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." To me this speaks volume about the world of art.... without imagaination where we would be in every aspect of our lives?

MS Teaching Schedule:

Time Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Hour 1 (7:50am-8:38) ART 8 ART 7 PREPHour 2 (8:42-9:29) ART 8 ART 7 ART Hour 3 (9:33-10:20) HS HS HS Hour 4 (10:20-11:24) HS DESIGN 1 HS DESIGN 1 HS ARTHour 5 (11:28-12:16pm) LUNCH ADVISORY Hour 6 (12:20-1:08) HS DESIGN 1 HS DESIGN 1 HS ARTHour 7 (1:15-2:03) PREP ART 6 PREPHour 8 (2:07-2:55) ART 8 ART 7 SUPERVISORY


Hour 1 7:50 - 8:38 ---MSHour 2 8:42 - 9:30 ---MSPower-up/Breakfast 9:30 - 9:38Hour 3 9:42 - 10:30 ---HS POTTERYHour 4 10:34 - 11:22 --- HS POTTERYHour 5 11:22 - 12:22 ---HS ADVISORYA Lunch Lunch 11:22 – 11:52 PREP 11:54 – 12:22 Grades 9 & 12B Lunch PREP 11:24 – 11:52 Lunch 11:52 - 12:22 Grades 10 & 11Hour 6 12:26 - 1:13 ---HS DESIGN 1Hour 7 1:17 - 2:04 ---MSHour 8 2:08 - 2:55 ----MS

Helpful Links/Resources

Respect, Responsibility & Relationship ContractThings to have for class:Design I 9x12 sketchbook, black markers different sizes tipsPOTTERY : old bath towel, folder for grades sheets Respect, Responsibility & RelationshipThings to consider:Respect: Attitude towards peers, myself and projects are a must! So be kind and helpful by being in your seat when the bell rings, listen to instructions and clean up your area -- by pushing in your chairs the classroom is ready for the next student (don’t whine, try it you might like it). Always respect material, others and instructors!Responsibility: Attendance is a must in the art room, if you are tardy or absent, no work is done - you have to make it up - it is that simple! Unexcused tardiness, absences or leaving early are not rewarded. If your absent find out ahead class time what you missed… being prepared is your responsibility. Relationship: Keeping pace with everyone by doing your daily working, “no points for visitors”. A significant amount of work done daily is the way to go! Being helpful to others and the instructor is always a win for a good day!I have read and agree with this, I will be respectful, responsible and build a working relationship with everyone. I fully understand that this and is worth it for me to be respectful, responsible and build a working a relationship with my peers and instructor. Follow student handbook (Respect, Responsibility & Relationship)Dress Code (parent called or removal from class)Cell Phones (1st time it’s mine until 3pm, second time it’s returned to parents)Absences & Tardiness Big changes are here!Tardy is tardy = 7 minutes late is an 1 unexcused absence Absents: that are excessive (10) are cause for a grade reduction -- ouch! Because the art electives and pottery our hands on class and you can not take your work home… Any EXCUSED absences or tardiness will have to be made up. The time would be before school or after school or during your study hall (with permission from your instructor)Harassment (legal action will be seriously considered)Language & conduct (that disrupts the rights of others)Consequences for Violations1st Offense – conference with &/ or verbal warning2nd Offence – a) detention w/ teacher or office b) Parent will be notified3rd Offence a) removal from classb) Office procedures Grade Projects will be graded as they are completed. They will be expected to be completed on time, due to the media some projects will take longer. Grades are posted within 3 days of grading, if your work is later your grade will be lowered per day. Students will be graded on projects, sketchbook, critiques and tests.Skyward Gradebook Qtr. 1=45%, Qtr. 2=45%, Semester Exam=10%Grades must be posted on a regular basis. COMMUNICATIONSGrade ScaleA: 94 C+: 77 D-: 60A-: 90 C: 73 F: 0-59B+: 87 C-: 70B: 83 D+: 67B-: 80 D: 63




Students learned about S.I.N.A where Alan Abel created nationwide hoax and how 50,000. people bought into the idea and then we related it today... "fake-news" and being the savvy vs being gullible. Big question that came from that article was how NOT to be gullible and believe everything you read?

Another highlight is, "did you know that newspaper as it is not very strong, but if you roll like a tube and tight as a straw it becomes incredibility strong and durable...? Hence we are weaving it into a 3/d container... then it on to clay

POTTERY ... next projects are favorite cup and NoN-cup

  • ARCHITECTURAL TILES 1 & 2 will be made in the art room
  • glazing begins on our whistles... hip hip hurray!


Students have a 3rd sketch that is due this Tues -- their favorite motor -- if it runs -- draw it!

Starting a drawing project!!!