Mrs. Smoley

Welcome to Bonner Music!

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Smoley. I teach K-1 Music at Bonner & 2nd Grade Music at Central. This is my 17th year teaching in Stewartville.

  • Concerts for the 2020-2021 school year are on hold.

  • You can find music class expectations at the bottom of this page.

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Contact Information:

Lara Smoley ~ Music Teacher


Google Voice: 507.944.4746

Music Class Expectations


Teacher: Mrs. Lara Smoley


Bonner Elementary students are expected to follow the school-wide ROAR model: Respect Others, Act Responsibly.

What does ROAR look like in music?

Respect Others

  • Keep your hands to yourself

  • Listen when others are speaking

  • Use your manners

Act Responsibly

  • Use instruments correctly

  • Handle instruments carefully

  • Participate

  • Have fun!


  • Redirection

  • Choices

  • Time out

What does ROAR look like distance learning?

  • Raise your hand on screen or using the raise hand function

  • Wait until asked to unmute yourself

  • Come to the lesson without any toys, games, or pets

  • Sit up and make sure your face is in the screen

  • Find a quiet spot to listen and work

Report Card Grading

In music for the primary grades, students are graded on participation, not on musical ability. Kindergarten students do not receive grades on their report cards.

Music Skills Assessment

All students are regularly assessed on their music ability. Running records are kept of students’ ability on rhythm, singing voice, matching pitch, and other music skills in order to track improvement.