Mrs. Slavin

Title 1 Teacher

Hello! My name is Denise Slavin, and I am the Title 1 teacher at Bonner Elementary School. You may recognize my name or face because I have been the special education teacher for several years (at Bonner) before switching into this role for this academic school year.

This will be my 25th year teaching and 23rd year at Stewartville Schools. I am a lifelong learner and received my bachelor's degree from Winona State University (Elementary Education and Special Education certifications), and my reading licensure and master's degree from St. Mary's University.

Contact Information:

Goggle Number: (507) 944-0725

Teacher Schedule:

Under construction: Coming Soon!

Class Expectations:

I will be kind.

I will do my best.

I will be safe.

Meet Mrs. Slavin

I live in St. Charles with my husband, two daughters one cat, Fluffball. When we are not at school, we enjoy being outdoors: biking, fishing, boating and sports such as soccer, softball, basketball.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Food: Tacos

Books: The Gumazing Gum Girl! Dream Big Little Pig!

The Pout Pout Fish books such as The Pout Pout Fish and The Pout-Pout in the Big-Big Dark

Color: Teal

Sport: Volleyball

One Interesting Fact: I have a twin brother.

What is Title I?

Title I is one of our nation's oldest and largest federal programs. It has been set up to support elementary and secondary education. Currently in the United States, around 90 percent of the school systems receive some sort of Title I funding.

A school district qualifies for Title I funding based of the number of low-income families living in the district. If a school qualifies for Title I, the federal government distributes money to the impacted school districts. However, it is very important to know that students do not need to be from a low income family to receive the Title I support. Each district is then able to use its Title I money to support regular education programs to help students meet state standards. Title I services are not special education services but can be used together.

Which Stewartville Schools Does Title I Serve?

The Title I program serves students at Bonner Elementary Schools who have demonstrated that additional support is needed in the area of reading.

Title I Programs Generally Offer:

• Additional teachers and paraprofessionals

• Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills they need (multi tiered system of support- MTSS)

• A variety of strategies and skills to strengthen students academic needs

• Additional teaching materials to be addition to the student’s regular instruction

Frequently asked questions:

What does W.I.N. stand for?

W.I.N. is the acronym used at Bonner that stands for “What I Need.” Each student has different academic needs, so we use this dedicated time to ensure each child is in the correct learning space for their instructional needs.

What does my student miss from their classroom while being in another classroom for W.I.N?

Your student will not be missing any core curriculum (reading, language arts, math science, or social studies) or specials (art, music, phy ed, or party/holiday celebrations) during this time.

Will my student have any additional homework?

Students will not have any homework assigned or have any make up work to do if they are absent.

How does my student qualify?

Bonner uses a system called FASTBridge Learning to assess students. All students are benchmarked or tested three times a year to identify which students may need additional instruction to meet grade-level goals. When a student scores below the 20th percentile they may qualify for extra reading.

How does my student exit?

During W.I.N. we continue to use FASTBridge Learning to progress monitor, a frequent assessment to make sure students are making progress. Once they have reached the goal three to four times they are able to exit and other students may be added.