Mr. Johnson

A Message from your Principal:

When I was in preschool, Mrs. Prinsen posed a question to us wee little tots. She asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At four years old, I decided there was only one thing I wanted to be, a fire truck. That’s right, not a firefighter, but a fire truck. That was the day I learned I could not become an inanimate object. That was a minor setback in my life, but one I would get over quickly.

In third grade, Mrs. Lindstrom posted this same question on the chalkboard. This time I was prepared for it and had my answer at the ready. At eight years old, I decided there was only one thing I wanted to be, a professional baseball player. Little did I know, I probably had a better shot at becoming the fire truck. However, that didn’t stop me from working hard every day to try and achieve this lofty goal.

By my sophomore year of high school, although I was the starting second baseman on my varsity team, I had realized that it probably wasn’t in the cards for this 5’4”125-pound kid to go pro. The summer after my sophomore year, I started working as a summer recreation coach and teacher. I found that I had a passion for working with kids that rivaled my passion to be a pro athlete.

After I graduated from Fillmore Central High School, I decided to attend Winona State University. I entered with elementary education in mind. While going to school, I also took a job at an after-school program very similar to Tiger Time. This job was more confirmation that I was going into the right profession.

In 2010, Principal Dave Nystuen hired me to teach second grade at Bonner Elementary. It is the crowning achievement of my professional life. Without this opportunity, I would not have grown into the dedicated educator I became. This job allowed me to get my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, and a position as the leader of this fantastic intermediate school.

The little kid who thought he would be a fire truck and a professional baseball player has changed gears, but my passion for this job is second to none. I look forward to leading a school that gives your children the opportunity to dream big, grow exponentially, and feel safe and loved every single day! Here is to all your children as they continue to figure out what they want to be when they grow up!

Mr. Jeff Johnson, Principal

Bear Cave Intermediate School

Stewartville Public Schools