Scenic Cougar Paws

april 21, 2021

Please scroll through to find information of interest for our Scenic community. The site is updated each week on Wednesday, and I will send out the link through School Messenger for easy access. The information will be available on the website all week. Information to be included in Cougar Paws should be submitted by Friday each week.

Thanks for all you do to make Scenic Hills the world's best elementary school!

--Dr. O'Dowd

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IMPORTANT! If you drop off or pick up your child in the car line, please read the information below carefully. Note:

  • Please do not make a left turn into the front driveway off Hillview Drive. You must join the car line on Valley View Road.

  • Please try not to block the driveways of our neighbors on Valley View or Hillview!

  • Morning drop off/afternoon pick up at the front of the building is ONLY via the car line. PLEASE do not park out front and have your child cross the parking lot/driveway. This is dangerous.

  • Students MUST cross at the crosswalk with the crossing guard.

  • If you drive up Scenic Road, continue past Hillview, make a right onto Norwinden, and another right onto Valley View to join the car line.

Thank you for your patience!

Reminder: Our school day begins at 9:15. Students should be in their seats, ready to begin the day, at that time. Arriving between 8:45 and 9:05 gives students ample time to get to their rooms, unpack, and socialize a bit with their friends.

PSSA: PSSA for our 3rd, 4th , and 5th graders continues!

  • English-Language Arts: April 19, 20, 22

  • Math: April 27 and 29

  • Science (grade 4 only): May 4 and 6

The testing window is from 9 a.m. to 12 noon each day. This allows ample time for students to have a calm start to the day, move to testing locations, and complete the assessment. Please do not schedule appointments or planned absences during the testing times. Thank you!

Spring Photos: Spring Photo booklets have been sent home with the students. If you do not wish to purchase Spring Photos, please return the folder to your child's homeroom teacher. If you do want to purchase photos, choose the sheets you want and remove them from the booklet. Pay online at The access code is Q6H85DY84K. Payment and booklets are due by April 30. Thanks!


  • MASKS: Students are required to wear masks on school property. Please send a spare in your child's bookbag!

  • HEAPHONES: All students should have headphones for use in school and for when they are virtual. Please place the headphones in a bag or small container labeled with the student's name. If students do not have headphones, we have some available for purchase for $3.

  • WATER BOTTLES: Please be sure to send your child to school with a water bottle. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students may not drink from the water fountain, but they can refill their bottles. (Please make sure your child's name and HR are on the bottle!)

Tech Issues: If you are experiencing problems with your district-issued Chromebook, please email Scenic's Chromebook Support -- Please include:

  • Student’s name, grade and school

  • A description of the issue you are experiencing

Just a reminder: When students are attending school in a virtual format (on Wednesdays or while quarantined), at home or in another location, they are still attending school. Our expectations are that students are working in an area free of distractions and are behaving as they would behave in the building -- not lying in bed or playing with toys or watching TV during instruction, for example. Cameras should be on during instruction, and the microphone should be muted until directed to unmute by the teacher. We appreciate your support in helping your child manage their virtual classroom!

Item Pick-Up: If you need to pick up items from school for your child, please contact the homeroom teacher to arrange a date/time. The items will be placed on the table in the vestibule to collect at your convenience. The vestibule is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Thanks, and have a great week!!

Happy Birthday to:

4/2: Cataldo Mattie, Sophia Mattie, Chloe Corkery

4/3: Penelope Neville, Charlotte Warner, Kaitlyn Procknow

4/4: Maxwell Mercier, Colton Pham

4/5: Peyton Carroll

4/6: Charles Lucas, Olivia Bruzek, Grace Udovich

4/7: Luca Marrero, Stella Nastasi, Kaylen Logan

4/8: Martin Pot, Matilda Sullivan

4/9: Dylan Pupo, Gregory Smith, Makenna Willey, Seamus Duffy, Lillian Feldblyum

4/10: Devan Eves

4/11: Geoffrey Demkin, Reese Tracy

4/12: Adrianna Mitchell

4/13: Brielle-Jolie Smith 4/14: Elizabeth Mann, Avery McIntyre, Andrew Kraus

4/15: Ryan Ervin

4/16: Carly Sobona

4/17: Margaret Siegel, Brandon Kreszswick

4/18: Allison Marcone, Elyse Finnegan, Triton Su

4/19: Joliana Manssour, Peyton Schieler, Savannah Layton

4/20: Lily Campagna, Andrew Connolly

4/21: Gwen Gannon

4/22: Kendall Haggerty, Colin Cubler, Shane Betham

4/23: Nicholas Welsh, Sherlyn Zhou

4/24: Teagan Sweeney

4/26: Lydia Truax, Harper Perry

4/27: Elliot Gruszka, Masyn Amoroso

4/29: Erin Kelly

students of the month

Congratulations to our march Students of the Month!

Best teacher Under the Sun!

Each year, Sun East Federal Credit Union sponsors the Best Teacher Under the Sun contest to recognize those teachers who are outstanding in their efforts to teach and inspire the children in their classrooms. If you feel that your child's teacher is deserving of this honor, please consider submitting this form. Applications are due by May 1, 2021. Thank you!

Teacher award letter and application.pdf
News from the Nurse - appropriate student dress.pdf

Our hybrid school year may be different, but it’s going to be a year to remember!

Order your yearbook now! $20.00

Visit and use Code 18779YB (Code is CASE SENSTIVE)

Don’t miss out – We can’t promise to have extras at the end of the year!

If you have questions or concerns about your order, or need confirmation that you placed an order, you can call Barksdale Customer Service


Placement letter_2021.pdf
Elementary 4-Day In-Person Learning Model.pdf

Reading and Poetry Contests!

April is Families and Reading Month!

Here is a fun activity to celebrate! Students can work on this reading calendar at home each day. Simply initial each activity as you complete it and sign the calendar at the end of the month. Any students who complete the calendar and return it to their teacher will receive a certificate of completion.

Families and Reading Month 2021_Primary.pdf
Families and Reading Month 2021.pdf
Delco Young Poets 2021.pdf

april Calendar, lunch menu,


April Calendar.pdf
Copy of ELE. Apr. 2021.pdf
2020.2021 07.27.20 COVID HYBRIDCalendarRev9-17-20.pdf


Attendance: To report a student's absence,

  1. Telephone the attendance hotline (610-938-6610), OR

  2. Email each morning of your child’s absence, OR

  3. Use the link on the Scenic website to submit attendance. (Go to the Scenic page, click on Parents in the upper right-hand corner; select Attendance from the dropdown list, and in the middle of the page you will find a link to submit an email to

NOTE: School district policy and PA law require a written note or email to excuse an absence within three days of the absence. If you call the attendance hotline, please send in a note on your child's return to school. If you email Scenic Attendance, it is not necessary to send in another note.

  • A doctor’s note is required to excuse absences of three or more days.

  • The absence becomes Unexcused (UA) if a note is not received within 3 days of the absence. If your child has three Unexcused Absences (UA), you will receive a letter regarding the absences. Unresolved unexcused absences may result in attendance improvement conferences or truancy proceedings.

  • Five days of absence may be requested for family vacations. This absence must be requested and approved in advance, or it is coded as unexcused. Forms are available in the main office, online, or from your child’s teacher.

  • Please check your child's attendance in HAC. Any questions, please call Dr. O'Dowd or Mrs. Speakes.

  • Please note: If your child is marked absent, you will receive a phone call and email to your contacts in HAC. This confirms the absence and serves as a reminder to send in a written absence note if you have not already done so.

Attendance Notification: When you send an email reporting a child’s absence to the Scenic Attendance Hotline (, you will receive a link to an Attendance Form. This is an effort to streamline our procedures during the pandemic in determining if an absence is excused or if a follow-up call is necessary. We ask that you complete and submit this form before 9 a.m. on the date of absence.

REMINDERS: Our goal is to keep everyone safe! Please continue to monitor student symptoms every morning using the district’s “Student Daily Symptom Checker” found on this website: Students with Covid-like symptoms are placed in isolation at school and sent home. Please contact me or Mrs. Stewart, our school nurse, if you have any questions.

  • Continue to emphasize proper hygiene and handwashing/sanitizing at home – we will do the same here in school.

  • Continue to reinforce proper usage of face-coverings both inside and outside, throughout the entire school day – we will do this often throughout the day.

  • Follow the building start times. Please don’t drop students off too early, before staff arrive, as we can no longer group students during arrival and hold them for a large dismissal to class. Student start times are in place to allow students to enter the building in a timely manner and go directly to their first classroom of the day where staff will be present.

  • Remember that traveling out of state may require a 14-day quarantine prior to returning to in-person instruction. Review the PA’s “Covid-19 Information for Travelers” website: for the latest states on the list. Although PA recommends a 14-day quarantine, the district’s approved Health & Safety Plan requires that families that travel to one of the listed states must begin a 14-day quarantine before returning to in-person instruction.

  • Parents, if you have Covid-like symptoms, or were exposed to a Covid+ individual, or were in contact with an individual that may have Covid, please contact the building nurse before sending your children to school. We will need to process the information to determine if your child should quarantine, or not, based on the information.

QUARANTINE: If a student is required to quarantine, the classroom teacher will contact you with the Zoom link. Assignments will be posted on Canvas. Students must be present on Zoom AND complete the required assignments to be counted as present for the day.

Attendance Policy.pdf

Springfield School District Information

Instructions for Schools - Symptomatic 10.20.20_202010201111515303.pdf
SSD Plan for Reopening Schools March-2021-Final.pdf

Technology issues? If your child is experiencing technology problems or difficulty accessing Canvas, please submit a help desk ticket with our tech department.

Reminder! Students must use their first and last names when joining a class on Zoom. We ask that students stay muted unless instructed by the teacher, and please keep the video on. Please take a moment to review the Elementary Remote Learning Expectations, below. Thank you!


April Home and School Meeting

Wednesday, April 21, 7 p.m.

Topic: Review of the Year and Election of Officers for the 2021-2022 School Year.

This meeting will be held via Zoom.

stay connected.pdf
home and school fundraiser.pdf

ECOLOGY CENTER Do you love nature? Want to help out at Scenic Hills? Then come volunteer at the Ecology Center! Spend some time visiting the creatures that call the Ecology Center home and help us to maintain a very cool environment for all the kids to learn and explore at school. Shelly the tortoise is hard to miss, but you might also spot some box turtles and a family of ducks. Hopefully we will be able to hold a spring cleanup event, pending restrictions due to COVID-19. Please contact Dr. O'Dowd ( if you are interested in getting involved!!

FACEBOOK PAGE Stay up to date with events and Scenic happenings on our Facebook page – search Scenic Hills Home & School Association. We kindly ask that you keep your posts and comments positive and only related to Home & School events and Scenic Hills. Posts specific to teachers, homework and classroom events should be directed to the teacher or Homeroom parents. Questions related to non-school sports, events and activities should be posted on your personal facebook page. You MUST answer the security questions about your child’s name and grade – for the safety of our families we cannot add you to the group if you do not answer them. Thank you.

REGISTER YOUR GIANT CARD! Register your Giant shopper card today, choose Scenic Hills as your school to support and help us earn FREE MONEY! Login in to your account, our school number is 23812 - do it NOW before you forget!!;jsessionid=nlgvZLTGht5RCMPhcJlbPrWdXZB1mtXKsk0dvB6b1hQTT5MSLnJb!676292376?_requestid=3936220

Scenic Hills Home and School Association

Join our Facebook Group:

Elementary Remote Learning Expectations_2.pdf


Half Sheet withn links.pdf
Immunizations Start of School(Non-Year Specific).pdf
Household Letter 2020-21.pdf
Dental Letter (Non-Year Specific).pdf

Chartwells: Account information; Free and Reduced Lunch Info

2019-2020 Free and Reduced Letter to Housholds.pdf

Information on Home Access Center (HAC), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), FERPA, dental exams, CHIP, school safety, and attendance procedures.

4.HAC Update Notice 2019-2020.pdf
HAC Phone-Email Update v31 08202014.pdf
SSD Publicity and Photo Release.pdf
PennDOT - Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Law.pdf

School Safety and Security

Web Page

Springfield School District is taking measures to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our students. Learn about this on the school district website:

Thank you for your support in ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our students.