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January 19, 2021

Welcome to Sabold... The Greatest School on Earth!

February is Black History Month- Sabold students will be celebrating Black History Month throughout the month of February. Additionally, all students will receive a Black History Month bracelet on Friday, February 4.

Update on Winter Clubs- Clubs will be free of cost this year! If you would like to have your child participate in our clubs, we will use the Race for Education funds to cover the cost.

We have decided to push the clubs to early spring as we did last year. We are limited with our indoor space again this year due to social distancing guidelines, so we will wait for some better weather so we can utilize outdoor space for our clubs. We'll keep you posted with more details after our winter break.

Be sure to check out your child's teacher's Canvas page if your child needs to isolate or quarantine. This would also be the platform we would use for a remote learning snow day.

If you need to speak with someone regarding bussing, here is a link to information, which includes contact information for the transportation department- Transportation

The SSD Health & Safety Plan can be found HERE


Yearbook cover contest!

Attention Fifth Graders... It is time to put your art skills and creativity to work! You can create the artwork for the cover of this year's yearbook! The theme this year is: Together Is Our Favorite Place to Be. See the flyer for more details. Be sure your entry is in by March 2!

Covid COmmunication update

Dear Families,

With the continued high rates of transmission in the community and evidence that COVID-19 is shifting into the endemic stage, the Springfield School District will no longer be sending out building-based daily case count notification emails to families. Effective Wednesday, January 12, 2022, we will move to updating the “SSD In-Person Covid-19 Weekly Tracker” periodically throughout the week (Click Here). Families can use the tracker to check on building and districtwide positivity counts.

Students of the Month- January

Gr. 5- Ambrianna DeSantis

"Ambrianna exemplifies what it means to work hard and be nice. She comes in every morning with a smile on her face, ready to start her day. She loves taking on new challenges and approaches all of her work with a positive attitude and a desire to learn. Not only does she work hard academically, but she is also friendly to all. She goes out of her way to help others and is willing to work with anyone. She is always patient and always willing to help a friend in need. Room 23 is lucky to have a classmate as determined and as kind as Ambrianna!"-Ms. Paolucci

"Ambrianna is the definition of working hard and being nice. She puts forth her best effort with every assignment she completes and is always willing to listen to feedback to make improvements. I have seen Ambrianna go out of her way multiple times this year to treat her classmates with respect and help make other students feel included. She is such a great role model here at Sabold!"-Ms. Day

Gr. 4- Alyssa McCaney

"Alyssa has been such a pleasure to have in Room 20. Each day she walks into the classroom with such a positive attitude. Although I cannot see her smile under her mask, I know it is there by the attitude that she has and her body language. She works hard, pays attention, participates in all classroom conversations and treats her classmates with nothing but respect. She is willing to help everyone around her and makes sure that everyone is included. She is a wonderful student. Keep working hard!" -Mrs. DiBiasi

Gr. 3- Richie Evans

"Your true character is shown when you do the right thing even when no one is watching. Richie Evans lives by this motto. Richie does kind acts in our classroom on a daily basis. He never needs prompts to help, he helps because he knows it is the right thing. Richie is not only kind, but he also works hard to improve his skills. Richie comes to class ready to work and learn! During small group work in math and Go Blue, he is an active participant. He shares his ideas and listens to classmates. Richie is a Sabold Star." -Mrs. Eliff

Gr. 2- Kasey Sreng

"Kasey Sreng displays kindness towards everyone. She makes it a point to work thoroughly in class and check her work before submitting it. She also makes sure to spread kindness. Kasey helps others without asking for rewards and likes to write encouraging and complimentary letters to her friends and family.

Recently, she was curious about the custodian, Mr. Cory, who looks after our room daily, wanting to know a little more about him. Soon after, Kasey began to leave positive letters for Mr. Cory, thanking him for doing a great job of taking care of our classroom. Congratulations, Kasey! This recognition is well-deserved!" -Ms. Polini

Triumph Badou

Sabold's Featured Artist- January

“Triumph has been a role model Sabold musician this year. Third graders recently started learning ukulele and Triumph has demonstrated patience and persistence despite the challenges of learning a brand new instrument. Triumph comes to each music class with a positive attitude and encourages his classmates to try their best in our songs, instrumental practice, and discussions. Keep up the great work!”

-Mr. Trycieckyj


be sure to dress for the weather

We believe it is important for our students to have time outside to play- maybe now more than ever. We do our best to get students out every day. We use the Child Care Weather Watch to help us determine a safe amount of time outside on very cold and hot days. Additionally, we have limited space in our gym for our PE classes, so most classes are held outside. Please be sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather every day. We also ask that you label hats, gloves, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. Our Lost & Found grows quickly over the summer and we want to make sure students go home with the clothing that they arrive in. Thank you for your assistance with this!

Guess who is ranked as one of the Best schools in PA...

The U.S. News published their rankings of 80,000 schools in the United States. Schools are ranked at the state and district levels. We are proud to say that Sabold Elementary was ranked as the #8 best school in the state! We are so proud of our students, staff, and community. We appreciate all of your support and we are pleased to be recognized for this community effort.. Even though we know we are really #1 and the Greatest School on Earth ;)

If you would like to read the article and see the list of schools, here is a link- PA's Best K-8 Schools

Upcoming Events

  • 1/17- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School for Students

  • 2/4- Spirit Day- Celebrating Black History Month- All students receive a Black History Month bracelet

  • 2/14- Valentine's Day ❤

  • 2/21- Presidents' Day- No School for Students

  • 3/11- End of Trimester 2

no left turns into the queue!

We have run into some challenges maintaining an efficient carline for our morning drop-off. This occurs most often when cars try to make left-hand turns into the queue for drop-off. We experience gridlock that extends past our exit lane and even to Baltimore Pike. Cars are unable to enter or exit the property when this happens. Turning left out of our exit lane onto E. Thomson Ave can cause delays; however, the main reason for the gridlock and congestion is making a left into the queue from E. Thomson Ave. Please help us maintain a safe and efficient carline by avoiding left-hand turns into the queue during morning drop-off (as well as dismissal) when there is a line that extends onto E. Thomson Ave. If you are turning onto E. Thomson Ave. from Baltimore Pike, please go down to Granite Terrace, Barker Rd., etc. and turn around so that you can make a right-hand turn into our queue, or please take a different route to get to Sabold. Thank you!

Sabold & Scenic cycle day calendar


Information from Our Nurse, Mrs. Manley

REturn to school Info Cougar Paws (003).pdf

Safe Snacks


HOME & SCHOOL information

HAC Phone-Email Update_2019-2020.pdf

Are you using home access center yet?

If you need to change a phone number or email, sign up for text alerts, check your child's attendance, or check report card grades, you will want to use the Home Access Center.

You can also check the Home Access Center for any outstanding unexcused absences. Remember, all absences require a written note. That can be done via email by emailing, or a hand-written note can be sent to the main office. A phone call to our attendance hotline still requires a written note for the absence to be excused (as required by law). An email works well for us, and hopefully that makes it easier on you.

You can visit the HAC website here: You can submit a contact form to obtain login credentials. If you need assistance, email


If you would like to report an absence via email, please send the email using this link: sabattendance

Additionally, there is a link to submit attendance on the school website. If you go to Sabold’s page, use your mouse to hover over “Parents” in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Attendance” from the dropdown list. In the middle of the page you will find a link to submit an email to An added bonus to the hotline email is that it will serve as written notice of your child’s absence. You will not need to send an additional note to school so that the absence will be marked as excused. We will retain the email as your absence note.

You can visit- for more information.

district & Community information

Household Letter 2021-22.pdf


Affordable children’s health insurance plans are available through the Keystone HMO Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) from Independence Blue Cross. No family makes too much for their child to enroll in these plans, with premiums starting at $0!

One great way to learn about our Keystone HMO CHIP plans is by visiting our new and improved website: There, you can find what you need to know about…

· Who is eligible for Keystone HMO CHIP

· What health benefits are included

· How to enroll

Keystone HMO CHIP Presentation

SSD Publicity and Photo Release FINAL.pdf

SSD Publicity & Photo

School Lunches

The option for all students to have a free school lunch has been extended into the 2021-2022 school year.

More information from our meal provider, Chartwells, can be found on our district website- HERE

What's for Lunch?

ELE. Jan. 2022.pdf

School Safety and Security Web page

Learn more about the Springfield School District measures to maintain safe and healthy learning environments for our students on the school district website. You can access the page by visiting this site-

We thank you for all that you do to support the health, safety, and welfare of our children.

District calendar



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