South Sioux City TeamMates


The mission of the TeamMates organization is to impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.

At South Sioux City TeamMates we value the rippling effect that school-based mentoring has on our students. Being able to impact, influence and inspire our youth is a powerful tool.

TeamMates Mentoring

TeamMates Mentoring was started in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1991 by Dr. Tom Osborne and his wife Nancy. Currently, TeamMates Chapters are based in nearly 200 communities across five states - Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Each year, over 10,000 students are encouraged by having a safe, adult mentor in their life.

What we've done

At South Sioux City TeamMates we have worked to impact our students since 2006. Our Chapter has strong support from district administration and staff, as well as the greater Siouxland community. Currently, our Chapter supports 100+ students in the district with the goal being to continue to grow and serve the demand for mentoring connections.