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Mind Blown!

These two graphic novels are the best books that I have read in a long time!

Beginning with the bombing of the Birmingham Baptist Church, Congressman John Lewis recounts the events of the civil rights movement which unfolded around him. Major events such as the 1964 Democratic Convention and the march from Selma to Montgomery are mixed with lesser known incidents of violence and struggle. This format of the graphic novel conveys the tone of this dangerous movement and makes the information relatable and easy to understand. From the very first pages, the reader is swept up in the dramatic unfolding of events and helplessness of so many victims of racial violence.

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What happens when you make a promise you have no idea how to keep?

Find out in Katherine Applegate's best-selling novel, The One and Only Ivan.

What qualities make for award-winning literature?

Take a tour of some recent award-winning titles, authors, and illustrators to find out!

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Did You Know???

Did you know that the balloons used in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade were designed to replace live animals from the Central Park Zoo???

Tony Sarg was a marionette maker whose creations performed on Broadway. After being asked to design mechanical storybook figures by R. H. Macy for his department store window, Macy was so impressed that he asked Sarg to design balloons for a Thanksgiving Day parade. Over the next two years, Sarg adapted the balloons to be controlled from below and to float above the crowds...and the rest is history.

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