5th/6th Grade

Mrs. O'Connor

Hello! Welcome to our little corner of the internet where we can share and celebrate 5th and 6th grade learning at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School. God created us to learn and grow, our brains are hardwired for learning! Together, we will create a classroom environment where we can grow together in our faith and learn about God and His creation through seeking out the good, the true and the beautiful.

Saturday, May 25

Our thoughts and prayers have been with the Ferguson and Flikkema families this week. The Chicago trip has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 29. Unfortunately, that does mean no Marian Tea. There isn't time to reschedule it yet again, so it goes on our "Next Year" list. Believe me, that list is growing! I have already been busy planning and am pretty close to having the framework set for next year. My goal is to be able to give you a list of the Standards we will be working on prior to each unit of study along with the rubric for how we will measure our progress.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I am looking forward to enjoying every moment of the next two weeks with your children!

Friday, May 17

Congratulations to everyone on the fraction multiplication assessment. You did amazing! They had the opportunity to take notes to help with them how to write out their thinking. If they took notes, they could use them to help them on the test. They have got this!

Next week is crazy-crazy-crazy. Get some sleep this weekend!

Monday, May 20:

5th Grade goes to camp. We will be picked up and dropped off at school. Wear comfy outdoor clothes, appropriate for the weather. Layers are always good this time of year. We need to bring a sack lunch.

6th Grade will be with Mrs. Myers. The focus of their day will be a research project on Chicago.

Tuesday, May 21:

5th Grade has instrument fittings at 9:20 am.

6th Grade will make t-shirts in the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23:

5th Grade will be with Mrs. Pearson. You will have typical ELA block in the morning. In the afternoon, Mrs. Pearson will be teaching geography and how to make balloon animals for the Very Barry Event the Saturday after school gets out.

6th Grade will in Chicago with Mrs. O'Connor. Details went home this week.

Friday, May 24:

We will have Mass and visit with Sr. Ursula. After our time with Sr. Ursula, we will be working on a project with Mrs. Simmons and the pre-schoolers. In the afternoon, we will be watching some of the 3rd and 4th grade plays. We will take our final spelling test for the year.

Looking Ahead:

Someplace in the coming week, we will be finalizing plans for a Marian tea/luncheon for May 29. We will be inviting the 4th graders to join us in the library for our luncheon. If you are willing to help with a pot luck approach to lunch, I would be so grateful!

May 28-31 is the last week for our classes with our specialist teachers. The kids have been writing personal thank you notes to each teacher to be delivered at their last class. These teachers offer so much to our school. We have used it as an opportunity to practice handwriting and how to write a formal thank you letter. The kids have done a marvelous job!

Monday Morning Update:

Instrument fittings will be Tuesday, May 21 at 9:20 am! Woohoo!

Monday, May 6

This is going to be a busy, busy week of finishing projects.

The S.T.R.E.A.M. Fair is Thursday. Because the gym is used by other groups in the morning, our class may set up their projects after 11 am. The other classes will be able to visit the S.T.R.E.A.M. Fair in the afternoon. There will be a reception for parents and family from 6-7 pm in the evening. They will be able to take their projects home with them after the evening reception. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

The second project we are finishing this week is a writing project describing a disciple we know personally. We are all members of the Communion of Saints. We are called to be small 's' saints and to help others to become small 's' saints as well! We will look forward to sharing our essays on Thursday as well!

For the month of May, our class will be leading the school in a decade of the rosary on Tuesdays. If you stop in, you will see a small Marian shrine just outside the library. I am so proud of how our class is becoming true leaders for the school. Last week, Carter, Charlotte, Alex and Anika lead the school prayer service on Friday. After a single check in with me, they wrote and shared a beautiful reflection on how Mary is an example of the virtue of perseverance. They did amazing.

Things are going to move fast between now and the end of they year, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

In Christ, Sheryl :)

April 25

Dear Parents of 5th and 6th Graders,

This week, we have been learning about Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudatio Si”; Care of Our Common Home. We have learned about his inspiration, St. Francis of Assisi. We read and reflected upon St. Francis’s beautiful prayer, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”.

We have even read part of the encyclical for ourselves. We heard about his concern for a “throw-away culture” which mirrors our own concerns about the amount of trash we see strewn about and what we can do to be better recyclers.

Tomorrow, we will be moving from learning about to doing something about by caring for our neighborhood. We will be taking a walk around our block to pick up trash and help make our little corner of Hastings look better. We will then go back to the classroom for lunch and the movie, “Wall-E”. Wall-E is a Disney movie that has the same message as Pope Francis; we cannot continue to simply dispose of what we no longer want or use without facing the effects on our common home, Earth.

I will be buying lunch for the class and Mrs. Pearson has given us permission to have a second uniform holiday since we will be outside. Please watch the weather and dress accordingly but it looks like any rain will be past us.

We will still attend Mass with the rest of the school and make our Friday visit to Sr. Ursula. Those are two of the anchors for our Fridays!

In the afternoon, we will still take our spelling test and we do have some math territory to cover. We have put our toes into the waters of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and it is time to swim towards deeper waters! Woohoo! Growing those dendrites!

If you have any questions, please give me a shout!

Continued Easter blessings,

Saturday, March 16

What a wonderful week!

Part of the focus of my instruction is helping my Explorers move from a "learning is a task to be completed" frame of mind to "learning is a way of thinking" frame of mind. In 5th and 6th grades we are making the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. This is huge! Whereas prior to this, they were reading to respond to specific questions to check for understanding, now they are reading to create new patterns, uncover information, and get to know the world around them. They are learning how to check their own understanding as they read. Reading with the kindergarteners is a great way to share the love of reading, but underlying that is a bigger task as our 5th and 6th graders learn to evaluate for themselves how well they have understood a passage. In asking questions of the kindergarten students, they are rehearsing the same questions they need to be asking themselves.

The teachers of St. Rose of Lima have been doing a year long book study on something called Daily 5. When I was home with the flu last Friday, I snuggled into my favorite blanket and got caught up with the reading. Daily 5 is a way of organizing the classroom to foster independence in learning and to help students consciously build their stamina for attending to a variety of tasks. Daily 5 is compatible with what we know about how the brain learns and provides a framework for structuring the room around the students rather than having them conform to the physical space. If you walk in our room now, you will notice some big red Adirondack style chairs for reading, shortened desks for sitting on the floor but still having a place to write, a private office desk for when students need to be on their own and a large rug for us to meet as a whole group. (I have plans for adding a dining room table for small group conferencing.) Whole group instruction is limited to about 15 minutes at a time since that is all the longer the average brain can hold attention. Then students have the opportunity to practice skills, work on tasks of their choosing or explore in an area that intrigues them. We have discovered that we have a whole shelf of Newberry Award winning books! Ella also contributed her desk so that we have a science area with microscopes set up. They are working on getting microscope certified this week so they can use them to learn from some prepared slides. It is exciting and a little bit scary all at once. We talk often about how it is going and they are given opportunities to evaluate how they learn in different areas of the room.

Our big push in the coming week will be preparing for conferences. They have developed a master list of many of things they have learned and we have done together since January. This week, they will hone it down and create a portfolio they can share with you at conferences. If you have any questions prior to that, please, don't hesitate to contact me!

We will be out of the classroom on Tuesday morning to go watch the 6th grade band students play at the High School. There was an end of day mix up with the permission slips and we had to print them after school. Watch for them in agendas on Monday. On Wednesday, we will be joining students from several other Catholic schools at Aquinas College for a Lenten Retreat. The kids voted on wearing a red uniform shirt that day with uniform bottoms. If that is a hardship for you, please contact me, we will work it out. I have access to some red shirts if needed. Permission slips for the retreat at Aquinas went home in agendas yesterday.

Monday, March 4

Yes, there is a bunch of homework tonight! The visit from the students from the High School was awesome AND took a chunk out of our work time this afternoon. With the storm advisory for tonight, I didn't want to take any chances saving work for tomorrow. So, yes, they have a bit to do tonight. They also have a "Just in Case" packet in the event of a snow day tomorrow. I have promised that if we have a snow day, I will go live on Facebook to read from "Wonder". Let's hope that all the worry and planning are for nothing and that we don't get the 6 inches of snow or mega-cold windchills that would result in another snow day!

Monday, March 11

(This same letter should be in your child's agenda.)


Time is flying and I find it hard to believe that we are already in mid-March. I am more than ready for Spring weather to make its way to Michigan.

Please accept my apologies for the sending of the permission slips for the play. 5th and 6th grade will not be attending as we will be heading to Aquinas College next week Wednesday (March 20) for a retreat. As wonderful as I am sure the play will be, we need some time in the classroom to continue to make progress towards our curriculum standards. With all the the snow days, skipping a day of class makes it very difficult to continue our forward progress.

Speaking of progress, many of you have already signed up for conferences which are in a very short two and a half weeks. We have started preparing for your child to lead their conference. We will be meeting in the library. For the first 15 minutes I will meet with you and your child as they go over a check list of their work and progress. Then I will go on to the next conference while they take you back to the classroom to see more examples of their work and have an opportunity to show off what they are learning. They are especially looking forward to teaching you a math game!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me as soon as possible. This evening will be a time for your child to show you their personal best.

Watch for the permission slip for our retreat at Aquinas. It will be coming home soon.

Together in Christ,


Saturday, March 2

On Monday, March 4, the group Teens Against Tobacco Use will be visiting our 4th-6th graders to talk about the dangers on using tobacco. This goes with both our Social Studies and Theology Standards. In Social Studies, we are examining social issues and how to address them. This presentation both describes the consequences of tobacco use and allows the students to see how others address a social issue and work for the common good. In Theology, both 5th and 6th grade have standards related to caring for themselves and the world around them. The group will present from 1:45-2:45 pm. Parents are welcome to join us. Please contact me with any questions.

March is Reading Month:

  • If you would like to come and read to our class at any time during March is Reading month, please just give me a shout and we will set up a time that works!

Friday, March 1

Ouch! Not a good week for spelling! In order to help everyone be prepared for spelling, I am going to move the due date for Reading Spelling logs from Monday to Friday. Reading/Spelling logs will need to be turned in with their tests. The expectations for the Reading/Spelling logs are that each student will read a total of 100 minutes sometime over the week. More? Hooray! 100 minutes all in one day? Not okay. The research shows that fluency develops with repeated reading over time. The idea behind the reading log is to help students be conscious of their need to read on a consistent basis. On the back of the reading log is the spelling log. They are expected to study their spelling words at least 5 times during the week. (Weekend, weekday, whatever works for your family.) Judging from this week's tests, we will be talking seriously in class about how they are studying. Each student has a list of possible ways to study spelling words. (Just looking at the list doesn't count, we've had that conversation in class.) If you give your child a practice test, have them actually write out the words. It is one thing to practice orally and then be tested in writing; the learning doesn't always transfer. Even if no other specific homework is sent home, these two practices should be happening on a consistent basis.

Thursday, February 27

Please forgive me for not giving you an update in a week! It isn't only the kids who get out of routine with a snow day.

If you have not read the Rules and Procedures page for our classroom, please do when you have a chance. I have posted the procedure for our Virtue Goal sheets. My approach to addressing behavior is that everything is a learning opportunity. The Virtue Goal sheets are an opportunity for your child to reflect and make a plan for increasing their skill at applying the virtues to help them be successful. They will ask you to sign it before returning it to me so that you are in the communication loop.

Common Good

Our Social Studies standards include identifying and finding possible solutions to problems in our community. Jesus and the Church ask us to do the same thing as we live out what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves. We will be working on identifying places where we can make a difference in our community.


"What do you mean you aren't using your math book?" Has this been a part of the conversation in your home? I have been becoming intimately acquainted with the math standards for both 5th and 6th grade. Because some of the standards overlap, but the books don't, there will be times where we are working from our math journals. Each student in our room is putting together a math journal that they will be able to take with them to middle school to use a reference book. This allows me to teach to both large and small groups and to give individuals the coaching they need to master the mathematics standards. We are finishing up a study of numbers and operations.

Literature Groups

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be working in small groups on reading and learning from one of three novels. Each day your child will have a section to read and respond to in writing as well as meeting in small groups for guided discussion about the books.

Wednesday, February 20

Congratulations to all our Explorers! We took our Integers Test today and everyone achieved at the Exceeding Expectations Standard! Woohoo! I am so proud of them and the work they are doing. They are growing and learning right before my very eyes!

Monday, February 18

Our hearts are sadden by the gentleman and his son were killed in the car accident this past weekend. My understanding is that the young man was in band with our sixth graders. While we didn't dwell on the particulars, we did go to the Church before lunch and talked about the Communion of Saints and why we pray for those who have passed. We then prayed the formal prayer of the Church, the Liturgy of the Hours (a shortened day prayer version) for the repose of their souls.

We have finally put together a preamble for our classroom constitution stating what we think our classroom should look and sound like.

"We the people of St. Rose of Lima Room 11, in order to create a classroom where God comes first, we live by the Virtues, and everyone is able to learn, declare that our room will be a space where people feel safe and happy and where everyone knows what is expected of them and why we are learning."

We may continue to tweak it, but I think it is a pretty good start!

Head over to our Class Blog and check out the first entry by Miss. Anika.

Well done, Miss. Anika!

St. Valentine Party Update

Thank you to everyone who brought goodies to our St. Valentine party. We had an amazing spread!

Wednesday, February 13

Sorry it took me a bit to get today's work uploaded. I have put everything for today into a Google Classroom called Snow Day February 13. Your child will have to sign in with their St. Rose email. By using Google Classroom, there should be less "stuff" for them to bring back to school tomorrow. They have their Math Vocabulary Quiz using Google quiz. If they didn't bring their math journals home, please let them search for the math terms so that they are successful. When we get back into the same room, we are going to have to fly in math so knowing that we can use these terms to communicate as good mathematicians will be important.

I have also used the Google Quiz to review a key concept from our butter experiment and to get us started on our next area of scientific study, food chains. The Google Quiz allows me to get feedback from each student, not as a test, but just to get their thoughts and questions.

If you cannot access Google Classroom with your child's school email or if your child does not have access to the internet where they are, please send me an email at soconnor@srlsh.org and we can figure out an alternative.

Chapter 19 of Phantom Tollbooth today at 1 pm, live on Facebook. See you then!

Tuesday, February 12

Here we go again, my friends! Don't forget the home work from Monday too. Please remember, that while I understand if you are unable to complete the work while you are home for any of 1000 possible reasons, that doesn't change that it still needs to be completed at some point. Please practice the virtue foresight to make it a priority to get it done as soon as possible.

* Saint Report on St. John Bosco

Use the Google Classroom “Study of Saints and Virtues” for references. There is a link to the Virtues website. You will find St. John Bosco under the virtue of Foresight. You will need to use other resources to complete all of the questions on your report page.

*Apostrophe practice

-You must write out the sentences correctly! -Please write out which rule you were following to make the correction. I will email you a copy of the rules sheet just in case you don't have it. Due to copyright, I cannot post those on line.

*Study Spelling (either provide evidence or have adult sign off)

*Activity #3 Number Lines

-For Activity #2, the authors put the numbers on the number line and you had to cut out the integer and put it in the correct place. This time, you have to decide how to number the number line.

Cut out and glue down the number line.

Look at the intergers you are given, decide how to best label the number line.

Cut out and glue down the integers

(There is an example on the sheet you took home. If you didn’t bring your math journal home. Just glue the number lines to another sheet of paper and you can put it in your anchor binder.

*Study for Math Vocabulary Test on Wednesday

Words: Integer, Number Line, Positive Number, Opposite Integers, Coordinate plane, Absolute Value, Rational Number, Negative Number


Monday, February 11

Please check your child's agenda! We are working hard on clarifying what we send home so that homework is clear and your child knows what is expected. Your child should be asking you for your signature in their agenda everyday. If for some reason, you are unable to sign (I know, life happens!) they get either Mrs. Pearson's or Mrs. Maurer's signature just so I know they have shown an adult. I would much prefer they get your signature. I started checking some agenda's before they left today to make sure they had everything written down.

They also have a "Just in Case" packet in the event we really get all that snow and rain they are predicting tonight. I forgot to remind to them to grab their math journals, so have them do the math page on a separate piece of paper. We will put it in their anchor binders when they get back. If we have school, just send the whole packet back so that we can work on it in school and save paper.

We have three new classroom jobs. Alex will be writing about worship in our classroom. Anika will be writing about education and Anna will be writing about service. These short essays will be posted as blogs on this website. I am excited to see what they want to write about!

St. Valentine's Day Party

Charlotte has volunteered to bring a sweet treat. We could still use some fruit and healthy treats. Let me know if you can help out. I will be happy to supply a punch bowl.

Friday, February 8

Woohoo! We got to have a least part of a day. I'll take it.

We are feeling some struggle stemming from the reality that we have only had 2 full weeks together as a class. Every other week has had at least 1 (if not 5) snow days or interruptions. We are still getting our routines in place. If we had never had time off, homework would have started coming more regularly two weeks ago. Because we haven't been able to phase it in, we have had to jump in with both feet this week.

Your youngster has a chart stapled into their agenda tracking the work I have received this week and the work they still need to complete. I know that not everyone realized that there was work posted yesterday. My last words to the kids as they left on Tuesday was to check the website if there was no school on Thursday because I would be posting work. In addition, Mrs. Pearson sent home an email letting parents know to look for work and there were people talking about the snow day work on Facebook. If your child didn't get the work done over Wednesday and Thursday, it is fine, I understand that life happens, power goes out, or on snow days kids may not be at home. Please know, they should have what they need to get it done this weekend and can bring it on Monday. If you have any questions, please just send an email, and I can help with the specifics of your situation. We can make it work.

Also, we are officially at a point where unless we participate in electronic learning on days off, we will need to make up days later. Your child's work counts as their attendance.

On a more pleasant note, St. Valentine's Day is next Thursday. I don't have the list of who volunteered to help with our classroom celebrations, so if you are willing to help out, please contact me so we can plan. We had a discussion today about rather than giving Valentine cards to each other, to prepare cards we can send to people living in a nursing home who may not receive Valentines. It would be great to have a little celebration of our classroom but to be able to put our focus on serving others with our cards. Some mentioned they have already purchased cards, we talked about using those for the nursing home residents too. We will talk again during our class meeting on Monday and make a final decision and let you know what the class has decided.

New classroom jobs: New addition to our classroom jobs will be bloggers who will be writing once a week on how we are living out our school mission of worship, education and service. Watch for our first blogs next week!

Thursday, February 7

First, mea culpa! I never posted my note to you yesterday. I got distracted by my to-do list and didn't finish what I started. I am sorry, that was not being trustworthy on my part. You, however, did demonstrate trustworthiness! I received some of your preambles in Google docs! Well done! I will be putting them all together so that we have a start when we work together to finish our Classroom Constitution next week. Watch for a link to a Google classroom for them.

For Thursday's work:

1. You have written a preamble stating who we are as a class and what you think our ideal classroom will look and sound like. You have thought about the articles of the constitution. Let's keep working on that.

We have talked about the virtues of justice, respect, affability, and trustworthiness. We have talked about what they mean and what they look and sound like in action in our room.

What are 3 virtues you think we need to keep at the core of our room? Of your three virtues, choose 1 and tell in more detail what that virtue is and why it is important for our room. Describe what it should look and sound like in our room. How will practicing that virtue make our classroom a better place to learn? Don't forget to include me!

Think about how we talked about trustworthiness and used our agenda books as an example. Being trustworthy means acting in a way that inspires confidence and trust. When someone is trustworthy, they are reliable. One example of trustworthiness for students looks like taking your agenda home everyday and getting it signed. One example of trustworthiness for the teacher looks like actually leading you in what we put in our agendas and checking agendas everyday.

To help you think about what virtues you want us to practice in our classroom, I am putting a link that has information on many virtues. You will find the same definitions we are using in class and information on what they look and sound like. There is even information on different Saints who have practiced that virtue in how they lived! This is a very cool website. (The link is below.) You may choose any of the virtues, you are not limited to only the ones we have worked on together.

You may either write this out by hand on paper or you may use a Google doc. It is your choice.

How will you know you have done your personal best?

*Did you tell me at least 3 virtues you think we need to practice in our room?

*Did you choose one virtue and describe what that virtue is and why you think it would be important in our class?

*Did you describe what that virtue will look and sound like in practice for both the students and the teacher?

*Did you use standard spelling? (No misspelled words.)

*Did you use complete sentences with appropriate capital letters and commas?

2. Study your spelling. You will be taking a spelling test tomorrow. Please practice your words.

3. Spend at least 20 minutes reading.

4. Math: We have been adding and subtracting integers using the number line in the hallway. Remember, you can always draw a number line to help you! (I know the worksheet says, Grade 6 on it, but we have all been working on integers using the number line. Just ignore that part of the worksheet. This is for all of us.) If you want a challenge, there is a second sheet using 3 integers at a time. (You do not have to do the challenge, that is just if you want to stretch your brain a little more! )

Feb 7 Math Homework.pdf
Feb 7 Math Challenge.pdf

Monday, February 4

It is raining out and the forecast calls for the temperature to drop back into the freezing range tonight. As I told the crew, I am planning for the best (seeing them tomorrow) and preparing for the worst (another snow day, sigh).

In other words, they have extra work just in case we don't have school.

Root word: Cred-they color the page, write the definitions on the back of the credit cards and make a pocket in their spelling book out of the wallet to hold the credit cards.

Practice Spelling: They either need to bring back written work showing they practiced their spelling words or have a parent sign off that they took a practice test. (This should pretty much be a standing homework assignment. They are choosing their own spelling words and they are choosing much harder words than I would ever give them!) They should have a copy of their spelling words with them.

Preamble for our classroom constitution: Today, we worked together analyzing the Preamble and they worked in small groups to determine what they think we need to address in our classroom constitution. They need to write their own preamble for our classroom constitution including who we are as a group, our reason for writing a classroom constitution and what we need to address in the constitution.

This doesn't all have to be done tonight but should be done tomorrow in the event that Mother Nature gets the best of us again.



Monday, February 4 (morning)

I can't tell you how great it is to have (almost) everyone back together! Because of the time off and we need to finish MAP testing and we just need time to work together, we will not be traveling to St. Stanislaus tomorrow (Tuesday) for the Fleece and Thank you event. We will be working on some of the blankets in our classroom. We will do our edible science experiment tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 30

The coldest of the cold hits us today! My prayers are that you are each safe and warm. Please take time today to thank God for the gifts he has given you and your family.

If you are looking for things to do, this is one of my favorite websites. Catholic Icing Written by a mom, it is practical and fun activities that don't always require a trip to a fancy craft store. Don't forget to study your spelling words. You can always take a spelling test on Friday, even if we aren't back at school! That is one of the good parts about having individualized spelling lists!

Stay warm and safe. Remember, Jesus loves you and so do I!

Mrs. O:)

Here is the link for the website that Amy McNamara was sharing at the Energizer on Saturday, Blessed is She.

Tuesday, January 29

I hope you all are staying warm and safe! I just finished reading a new book for our novel study in February. It's a good one! The theme for our study will be ordinary people put in extraordinary situations. How can you be extraordinary today? What virtues can you practice while you are staying inside? What are you doing to practice affability? respect? How are you giving to God what is due him (practicing justice)? Are you practicing justice with your parents?

Please don't forget to practice your spelling words. Our root word for the week is "cred". Can you find any words built with "cred"?

Have a great day! I am missing you all.

Mrs. O'Connor:)

Sunday, January 27

Well, it is official, we are hunkered in for at least Monday, and I have a hunch it will be the end of the week before we see each other in person! Please take time to study your spelling words and read a bit each day. Don't forget to take some time to pray and perhaps read some verses in the Bible. Thank God for all he has given us!

Don't forget, Jesus loves you and so do I!

Mrs. O'Connor :)

Happy Birthday to Mr. Carter! Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Please forgive me for not updating this weekend. I wasn't able to access the website and, as much as I hate to admit it, it was operator error. Using technology keeps me humble.

Congratulations to each member of our classroom on completing their "Hundred Dresses" project. They each completed some basic tasks which dealt with the basics of the story. That allows us to have small group discussions and be confident that everyone comes to the table ready for discussion. Both 5th and 6th grade have Language Arts Standards for participating in discussions of literature. Grades have been entered into Renweb.

Next Saturday, January 26 is the kick off for Catholic Schools Week. There will be Mass at 4:30 pm with a potluck and Energizer to follow. In addition, we will have our classroom open so that you can see how we are set up and ask any questions about how we are functioning as a classroom. Remember, at any time if you would like to meet to talk about your child's progress, I am happy to meet with you.

We will be creating an 80 foot long numberline this week to help us with building an internal vision of how to add and subtract fractions along with positive and negative integers. This numberline will be the foundation for graphing, understanding algebraic functions and classifying 2 dimensional figures.

Each member of our class has an individual spelling list for studying this week. They have options for how to study each day and will report their method of study to me via Google Classroom. On Friday, they will take their individualized test and create their spelling week for the next week. We have 10 words this week and will be bumping the list to 15 next Friday. I will provide them with a base list of words I feel everyone needs to spell correctly and the rest of the words will come from spelling errors in their own writing.

Wedneday, January 16, 2019

We have the amazing opportunity to come together with the other Catholic Schools in the north region of our diocese and give back to our community. During Catholic Schools week, we will be participating in Fleece and Thank You, a Michigan based charity which delivers hand made fleece blankets to children in hospitals. A unique feature of this charity is that our kids will be able to record messages to send with the blankets! I am attaching a flyer that explains more. Each blanket costs $24 to make and all of the schools are working together to help raise the money. If you are able to help us cover costs, please follow the link. https://ftyevents.funraise.org/fundraiser/north-region-catholic-schools

Monday, January 14, 2019

As I told our class, I remember having matching pink ink pens with my best friend when I was in elementary school and being very frustrated that we couldn't use them at school. With that memory in mind, I have allowed the use of pens in certain activities. However, we are reaching a point where too many times I am hearing, "Oops, I thought I could use pen for this," and so I am asking that all student work be done in pencil. If we find appropriate times for using ink pens, I will gladly reintroduce them, but at this point they have become a stumbling block to doing our personal best. Pencils only at this time. Thank you for your support!