MICIP Resource Site

Welcome to the Shiawassee/Clinton County MICIP Resource Site.  This site is a live site that is updated regularly based on MDE's guidance and the activities happening in the ISD's. Below is a brief introduction to MICIP. On the tabs above, you will find links to resources for each step in the MICIP Process.

We would encourage you to bookmark this site in order to refer back to it in the future to access the posted resources. Please note the dates of the resources so you are aware of when they are posted and for the most recent updates. 

All of the resources on this site are sample templates and example documents. Each district is provided with a MICIP folder containing copies of each document. Please make edits to the documents found within your district folder.

Please let us know if there is a resource you cannot find by contacting Brittany Sigafoose at sigafoose@sresd.org.

Why MICIP and What are the Benefits?