Hidden Valley Elementary School

Disaster Relief

Hidden Valley Elementary School is located in Santa Rosa, CA.

On October 9, 2017 our school was turned upside down when the Tubbs Fire tore through our community and turned part of our school into ashes.

143 students and 6 staff members lost their homes.


Financial Donations for Hidden Valley Students who've lost their school


E-Gift Card Donations (Target, Trader Joe's, Home Depot, Safeway, etc.)

Please email e-gift cards to HVElemSR@gmail.com (recipient name: Fire Victim)

Teacher Needs

Mrs. McKay's Amazon Wish List

Mrs. Facciano's Amazon Wish List

Mrs. Lewis' Amazon Wish List

Ms. Kellett's Amazon Wish List

Debbie Rogan's Amazon Wish List

Update: Mrs. Martin raised enough money to replace her handbells lost in the fire. Thank you for your support!


On December 27th, we made a decision to close our Brick & Mortar location due to several break-ins. The property owners and managers have been extremely supportive and we cannot continue to put them through the cost and hassle of dealing with break-ins.

If you have new/like new items to donate, please send an email to Kelly at HVSOPresident@gmail.com and we can let our community know.

Going Forward

We are sure there will be continuing needs for many months to come. If you would like to be included in list of folks interested in helping when needs arise, please email pdrake@srcs.k12.ca.us with your name and we'll keep your information on file. Thank you for your continued support; we will be in the woods for a while...


If you have questions, donations, etc., please contact:

Kelly Kane at hvsopresident@gmail.com

Contact Paul Drake at pdrake@srcs.k12.ca.us regarding the posting of large items to donate.

About this Site

This page will be updated frequently to provide information on where to send donations and what types of donations are needed most.

We will also provide information on resources that are available for our school community.


RECAMFT Counselors 3-5 FREE Sessions 2017-10-17 12 am(1).pdf
203H FHA Disaster Relief Loan.pdf

It Goes Like This

Housing Opportunities

  • Two units in Sebastopol for 3-4 people Monday - Friday (weekends are rented out) Pets OKAY. Contact Glen Osborne at 707-291-9308
  • One unit in Sebastopol for 2-3 people Monday - Friday (weekends are rented out). Call Steve Sheldon at 707-321-6950
  • If you have space (room, house, or apartment) to rent to a fire victim (short or long term) or if you know someone who needs housing, please contact volunteer Brandon Trammell at 707.508.5980 or email him at btrammell@ft.newyorklife.com to learn more (including the vetting and matching). Brandon volunteers for Petaluma People Services which has expanded their Share Sonoma County to help fire victims too - he can answer your questions and get you connected with the right people.

HAWK'S LIST: Larger Items and Contact Information

Twin Bed

Contact via Mr. Drake at pdrake@srcs.k12.ca.us

Nice crib! Contact Debbie at dmkmroach@comcast.net

Heavy-duty armoire

Contact Michaela Codding at 707-321-1560

Shelf unit and white love seats: Contact Joy Hermsen at joieici@gmail.com

The owner is Toni Schlobohm 510-301-0755

In Fremont. Looking to give it away by Dec 23.

The owner is Toni Schlobohm 510-301-0755

In Fremont. Looking to give it away by Dec 23.

The owner is Toni Schlobohm 510-301-0755

In Fremont. Looking to give it away by Dec 23.

The owner is Toni Schlobohm 510-301-0755

In Fremont. Looking to give it away by Dec 23.

Okra bed frame. No mattress. Contact Grace Frisbie at (510) 225-8004.

Contact Grace Frisbie at (510) 225-8004.

Needs to move by 12/9. Contact Joy Hermsen at joieici@gmail.com

Needs to move by 12/9. Contact Joy Hermsen at joieici@gmail.com

Free. Contact Millie at toribelle01@yahoo.com

She's in Mountain View. Arrangements need to be made for transfer.

Mattress not included. Contact Alicia Said at 707-696-9748.

Free 16 inch bike

Contact Yuki & Reto Zingg at schoolmomo@zingg.us

Contact Maria Brito at maria.brito.mb29@gmail.com

Contact daadestiny@gmail.com

Also has a queen size bed frame with mattress

Twin Bed, Contact Michael Sanabria at


Contact Michelle Wood at 707-477-3417

High quality crib

Contact Andrea at Cromphout.andrea@gmail.com

Toddler bed

Contact Veronica at valencia_veronica@yahoo.com


Contact Tina Geffner at 707-217-1598

Contact Michelle Wood at 707-477-3417

Contact Michelle Wood at 707-477-3417

Other Locations to Make/Receive Donations

$100 Gift Cards may be collected at the Union Building at 555 E Street and Maple in Santa Rosa for families who've lost 25% or more of their primary residence

Bikes for Kids!! (King Ridge and Russian River Brewing Co. are providing new bikes for kids who lost theirs in the fires. Link below, click the red button titled "CLICK HERE IF YOU SEEK AID".

Sonoma County Support Services and other Resources

(Spanish translation below)

El estrés, la ansiedad y otros síntomas parecidos a la depresión son reacciones comunes después de un desastre.

La Línea de ayuda para la angustia en tiempos de desastre está abierta 24 horas al día, siete días a la semana, todos los días del año y ofrece apoyo y consejería para las personas afligidas debido a un desastre natural. Llame gratis al

1-800-985-5990 o mande un texto TalkWithUs al 66746 para recibir apoyo confidencial y multilingüe.

  • There is a free store in Healdsburg called the HEALDSBURG FREE STORE located at 190 Foss Creek Circle Unit K, Healdsburg, CA 95448. They are open 9am to 7 pm. They have baby clothes, kids clothes, adult clothes, maternity clothes, work clothes, toiletries, books, school supplies, camping gear, baby gear, and toys.
  • Another resource for giving and receiving: Sonoma County Recovers

Our Heroes

(Disclaimer: We're going to miss some amazing people here. Help us by emailing Mr. Drake names of missing folks.)

Mr. Drake: The superhero of heroes. He set up this web site, he got the ball rolling on the donation center and has been at the donation center for countless hours every single day.

He's scheduled donations and staff, provided emotional support to families, and has done countless other tasks behind the scenes. Mr. Drake's guidance and support has been monumental in this relief effort.

Terry Ingols

Charles Rogers, one of our yard duty staff, has pretty much lived at the donation site this week, supporting families, unloading, and entertaining us all.

Terry Ingols: Bus driver, gardener, children's book reader, after-fire school cleaner

Ummm...More Mr. Rogers.

Nancy Lanz helped secure the donation site, volunteered countless hours, and helped families locate housing.

Jenica Leonard, co-president for our PFO has been a force of nature in securing support and donations, helping families, and working at the donation site.

Jenica and her boys

Ryan Downey: Along with his brother, Ryan is providing plane loads and truck loads of anything and everything we need for our relief efforts

Amber Robinson, one of our yard duty staff, has been at the donation site unloading, unpacking, organizing, and caring for our families for many, many hours this week.

Amber at the relief center

Kelly Kane, our other PFO co-president, has helped develop this website, spent all day Sunday getting us up and running, provided priceless guidance, and reached out to our community in many ways. (John, Ben, and Finley have helped A LOT at the site as well.)

Michelle Rowe, former PFO president and the world's most amazing volunteer/organizer has been tireless in her efforts to support our families, our relief effort, and has been a driving force behind our community meal set up to be held on campus 10/22.

Miss Köhle (Miss "K") has been invaluable in making contacts, organizing, reaching out, gathering donations, and has spent most of the week at the site, working and supporting our families.

Jacob Jimenez from Channel 7

Natalie Wright has been a tireless supporter of our efforts, showing up for the whole day Sunday to get us up to speed and getting the word out over the radio waves about what we're doing to help our families.

Ellie & Thurman Frierson from Vacaville brought a load of donations!

Jeremy is part of Ryan Downey's crew. He brought us one of many loads organized by Ryan.

Naomi, Aidan, and Craig came from Redding to deliver nearly 200 shoe boxes filled with relief supplies for girls, boys, women, men, and families. AND, it was all Aidan's idea!

Helen, Emily and Mia Johansson were our Santa Rosa connection for the above Redding project!

Sarah Fox and Katelyn Graeser from Humboldt state University and Friday night's unloading team.

Our kids

Jordyn Johnsen and her letter to Steph Curry.

The letter

And then THIS happened!

Abbie, Nora, and Gonzalo Parajon and Angelina

Nora has kept us well fed and taken care of as well as volunteering at the relief site

Mieke Verspecht, Grace Nicholson, Jordyn and Jack Johnsen

Chloe Meacham and Lucas Downey

Jordyn and Jack Johnsen

Kate Wallace and Jack Johnsen

Mia Rusotti and Sicilia Wright. Teamwork!

Kids reconnecting

Juliana Facciano, Marty Geffner, Sicilia Wright, and Finley Kane working together with adults to get us started Sunday 10/15.

TJ Barrett working hard

The healing continues

It Takes a Village!

Mr. Drake's mother's Kentucky donation jar