Meet Storming Robots Staff


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The founder and Chief Technology Advisor continuously map the center's programs with technology growth. They bring a culture of professional learning, collaboration, accountability, and systems engineering to our programs. Besides the founder, there are over ten part-time instructors with proven technical competency in robotics and programming experience.

Instructional Staff consists of:

History of our past part-time instructors: 

Elizabeth  Mabrey

Founder of Storming Robots


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Elizabeth has over fourteen years of enterprise and system-level software engineering experience and has held senior software architect positions with one of the Fortune 500 companies.

She created the core framework of all programs for Storming Robots. She oversees the continuous development and operations of all programs at the center.  While Elizabeth teaches the advanced groups including competitions, and mentoring independent projects, training adv. students to lead others,  she is still deeply a software engineer at heart.

She is among the 160 recipients of the Presidential Scholars Program's Distinguished  Teachers Award in 2019.  She was one of the Board members of the high quality Raritan Valley Math Group from 2016 to 2022.  She has been an active member of the AI-oriented RobocupJunior International Technical Committee and its US Region Rescue League Chair since 2012; 

She received her Master of Science in Computer Science from Drexel University.

------------------- The Aspiration -----------------------

While she loved working in the dynamic, corporate technological environment, one of her ambitions is to be part of something that might potentially impact others - part of bigger than herself. 

She found working 60+ hours weekly purely for a for-profit company rather than for more meaningful purposes simply didn't suit her aspirations to be a positive influence. 

Throughout her children's primary school years, due to a lack of challenge from school, she semi-homeschooled her children.  She spent early evenings and weekends working with her children on challenging academic materials while they attended regular school classes during weekdays. 

Her children have become independent learners since late middle school. Her sons obtained their Master of Science in Aerospace and Bachelor of Science in Molecular Chemistry from Cornell and UPenn, respectively. Both have successfully pursued exciting careers in the corporate world. Meanwhile, like her 3rd son, her nephew became an up-and-coming software freelancer. 

As a first-generation immigrant to the U.S., she felt sincere gratitude for the opportunities this country has offered her. Her children's independence and husband's encouragement have allowed her to pursue a new path to make a difference.

Dennis Mabrey

Co-Founder of Storming Robots

Chief Technical Advisor

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Dennis has had over fifteen years of system and software engineering experience in the highly competitive software development industry. Before starting the endeavor to build Storming Robots, he was among the few top-rated Senior Consultants at Microsoft.   

Dennis is passionate about just about anything challenging in the computer industry.  Throughout his years as a senior software consultant, he has made significant contributions and taken leading roles in some very high-profile companies' software and hardware infrastructure.  He was a "go-to guy" and "renaissance man" among his technical peers and executives. Dennis received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Delaware. 

Jeremy Desmond

Instructional Robotics Program Specialist

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Gr.5-8  PICO with Arduino Lead Instructor

Gr.6-12 Robotics Competition Mentor

Gr.8-12 Robotics Simulation Competition 


Gr.8+  Computer Science - B to II

B.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

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Office Administrator

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Majority of our past part-time high school instructors  earned AP Scholar to National AP Scholar Award, and admitted to top tier universities such as CMU, Harvard, MIT,  Stanford, UCLA, Yale, etc. 

Aditi Gopalakrishnan

2023 Summer - present

Gr.5-8  PICO with Arduino - B-I

Aditi is a highly well-organized and self-disciplined individual.  She has been tinkering with microcontrollers since she was ten and joined SR since her 6th grade in 2019. 

In May 2023,  Aditi’s team placed 3rd in the AI-oriented RoboCup Junior Rescue Line National Championship. She mentored a cohort of SR's middle schoolers who won the FIRST PLACE  at the Zero Robotics 2013 National Competition. 

Aditi believes in the power of technology, AI, and robotics to improve health outcomes. She enjoys collaborating, problem-solving, and discussing resolutions with her peers on social causes through Model UN. She also participates in martial arts, Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam), and loves reading in her free time.

Alex Ethier

2023 Summer - present

Gr.8+ Robotics with Electronic

Alex Is a prolific self-learner when it comes to electronic work.  While he started tinkering with microcontrollers at a young age,  he particularly likes to create purposeful electronic projects independently.  He has always carried his infectious enthusiasm whenever he shares his latest electronic projects with us. In May 2023,  as the captain and core electronic developer of his robotics team, Alex led his team to place 3rd in the AI-oriented RoboCup Junior Rescue Line National Championship. 

Here is a video on one of his latest independent projects. 

Arav Kewalia

2023 Summer - present

Gr.5-8 PICO Arduino - Level B-1

Gr.8+ Computer Science - Level B-I  

Arjun Subramanian

2021 - present

Gr.8+ Computer Science - B to II 

Here is his GitHub

Derek Wang

2022/Fall - present

Gr.5-8 PICO Arduino - Level B-II

Mentor of Maze Team

Dhruva Chakravarthi

2022/Fall - present

Mentor of Robocup Junior (i.e. PreCollege)  Teams: 

Rahim Tariq

2023/Summer - present

Gr.5-8 PICO Arduino Assistant 

    - Level B-1 

Rohit Mudduluru

2023/Summer - present 

Gr.5-8 PICO Arduino Assistant 

    - Level B-1 


Ogers Ruda

2023 Fall (New)

Gr.8+ Computer Science - B to II 

Ogers has been a C++ Software Developer since 2016.    He has also been a C++ programming instructor to a diverse group of students with focused more on practical application and project-based learning. 

Master of Computer Science from the Queen Mary University of London, UK.