Virtual Health and Wellness

The Train Your Brain Social Worker, DIS Counselor, SPHS Counselors, Peer Mediators, Health and Wellness Officers of ASB and our Challenge Success Representative in ASB are here to support you. Feel free to use any of these resources and/or contact us. Together, we can make it through.

Looking for ways to boost your well-being?

Arts, Crafts and Puzzles

Coping Skills/Growth Mindset

Entertainment and Games


Guided Practice

Inspirational Sayings

Laughter is the best medicine

Live Animal Cams

Livestream Calming Places

Mindfulness Apps


Relaxing Sounds and Music


SPHS Staff Therapy Pets

Wholesome Food and Snacks

CREATIONS for Freshmen and Sophomores

HOtlines and support

Caregiver/Parent resources

Health and Wellness calendar

Request support