2024-2025 ASB Candidates

Commissioner General

Austin Hwang

Hi! My name is Austin Hwang and I'm running to be your commissioner general. I've been the class president for all three years of high school and this experience has been invaluable for me and has helped me work on my leadership, communication, and planning skills along with countless other skills I have picked up along the way. Having planned different dances, fundraisers, and bondings as an officer, I have experience in ASB which will help me lead meetings as the commissioner general. Ever since I joined high school ASB as a freshman, I have always wanted to be commissioner general as leading meetings and being in charge of different committees within ASB would be a new experience for me that would help me further my leadership skills and help me help everyone have another great year full of fun activities at school.

Natasha Rey

Hey, tigers! I’m Natasha Rey, and I’m running to be your Commissioner General! As the current Commissioner of Finance, I’m the only candidate with previous Commission experience, and as a cabinet member of ASB, I understand how to lead that very team. I have immensely enjoyed my time guiding the class treasurers in the student bank, and I want to increase my contribution to ASB and the school as a whole. Occupying leadership positions in prominent school organizations such as ASB, TASSEL, and even our campus book club has given me the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully lead ASB and act as a representative of the entire student body. I’ve already fulfilled the role of Commissioner General in her absence, running ASB business meetings and leading the class. Aside from how to hold fundraisers, organize dances, and plan assemblies, ASB has taught me about the value of getting input from my fellow students. This has inspired me to ask students what they truly want to see increased or improved next year and emphasize the importance of voting, as simple as it may seem. I feel confident that these ideals represent the receptive, proactive Commissioner General that I’d strive to be, so I encourage you to vote as well. I’m Natasha Rey and I will lead the way ;) Thank you!

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Sawyer Donaldson

Hey everyone! I’m Sawyer Donaldson, and I’m currently running for the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs. As someone who has a passion for student advocacy and leadership, this role has always felt like the perfect fit for me. After serving as Junior Vice President last year, I fell in love with the incredible potential ASB holds for driving positive change within our student body. I've witnessed firsthand how using my platform in ASB can improve our four short years at this school. Drawing from my experiences as Vice President, as well as my involvement in Boy Scouts for two years, and Girl Scouts for nine years, I believe I’m best qualified to have the skills and dedication needed to effectively manage the responsibilities of this position. I'm certain that with your support, I can properly represent the diverse community of perspectives we have at SPHS to ensure that our time here is as enriching and memorable as possible.

Amishi Mahadev

Hello SPHS! My name is Amishi Mahadev and I am running to be your next Commissioner of Internal Affairs. As the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, my job would be to examine school policy from a student’s perspective and ensure that the needs and concerns of the student body are heard and addressed. As your CIA, I would push for improvements regarding bathroom accessibility during classes, the 20/20 policy, and teacher and administrative accountability regarding learning accommodations. I deeply value our community and student body, and as your next CIA, would do my absolute best to make SPHS even better. Okay, I just said a lot of words, but what actually qualifies me for this position? Beyond my passion, I also have a good amount of experience that makes me highly qualified. I have a background in examining and interpreting policy due to personal interest and have previously been in ASB. Additionally, as an officer in several clubs around campus, including TASSEL and the Asian Pacific Islander Student Union, I have extensive experience in event planning and organization. With my combination of dedication to our school community, experience in policy, and past leadership experience, I am prepared to serve as your next Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I pledge to work tirelessly to address the issues that matter most to you and to ensure that SPHS is a place where every student can thrive. Don’t forget to vote Amishi for CIA, let’s shape a brighter future for our school together!

Commissioner of Correspondence

Maeve DeStefano

Hey Tigers! My name is Maeve DeStefano and I am running to be your next Commissioner of Correspondence. As the current Sophomore Class Treasurer, I have the necessary ASB experience to excel in this position. Because of my unique involvement, I have exposure to planning events such as spirit days, dances, and fundraisers. If elected to this position, this background would allow me to further benefit the student body as a whole. I also have experience communicating well in group settings as I have worked with the Sophomore Class Officers and Student Bank Members for the past year. This has allowed to become more organized, flexible, and detail-oriented -- qualities which are quintessential for Commissioners of Correspondence to possess. Having experienced ASB through the lens of a class officer, I believe that I am ready to commit to a position with more responsibility. Because of my personality and work ethic, I think that the Commissioner of Correspondence would be most-suited to me. I hope that this helps you gain a more in depth understanding of myself and my qualifications, and remember to Vote Maeve for Correspondence on Friday!

Commissioner of Finance

Dylan Liu

The position of Commissioner of Finance is a role that requires leadership. Because the position requires you have a previous year of leadership experience it means that you are one of the more experienced members of ASB. So more than processing check requests and ensuring that clubs and classes are financially stable this role is about teaching underclassmen and first years of ASB on how to make the most of their time here. I am already the Junior Class Treasurer and have been the beneficiary of the experienced seniors. My hope is that my own experience will be able to teach next year's treasures and prepare them for more years of leadership.

Commissioner of Academics

Joel Kim

Hi everyone!. I am Joel Kim, running for Commissioner of Academics. I believe it is important to have academic leadership and I was inspired to contribute to our school community’s academic excellence. In order to recognize unique academic achievements, I plan on creating a platform highlighting excellence that would go undetected by the student body. This could be showcased on the tiger bulletin or a separate website, dedicated to individual excellence. In my own life, I have consistently prioritized high academic achievement and standards through my rigorous course load and participation in extracurricular activities. This has led me to be a tutor for my peers, helping fellow students with struggling topics and courses. I would implement and advocate for more tutoring opportunities, on campus or off campus. The position will enable me to extend my reach over more peers and aid them in the academic journey that we, as a student body, go through.

Francesca Moura


Having students reach their academic goal and celebrating student excellence/achievements inspires me to run for Commissioner of Academics. I always want to strive for the best and help others do the same. In addition to this, I value the perfect balance between study time and free time to keep my mental health up. I want to help others do the same. Throughout my life, I have gone through the school system with dyslexia, giving me awareness to a side of school that many don’t see. In my classes, I encourage my friends to work hard and try their best on their assignments as well to make sure they get the grade they deserve. To run for Commissioner of Academics means that I stand with the wellbeing and academic interest of students at South Pasadena High School.

Commissioner of Activities

Danielle Bass

My motivation to become Commissioner of Activities is to voice the desires of the SPHS students and advocate for what truly matters to them. I want our school events to appeal to students and incorporate their ideas in all aspects. Another big part of your job will be organizing activities. As Commissioner of Activities, I plan to organize and introduce several new themes for all of our events. Especially when it comes to food and entertainment! My goal to increase student participation is to include them in the process. I will ensure their passions are inspirational in the development of our Spirit Days and events like Winter Formal. One of the largest events that you will plan is the winter formal. Winter Formal is one of our largest events and while I may not have experience with an event exactly similar to this, I have participated in other such events, some even larger. I will draw from those experiences and apply the learnings towards creating the best Winter Formal that every student can enjoy.

Ishaan Joseph

Spirit Days at SPHS inspire me to run for Commissioner of Activities. As commissioner, I envision working with my team to create fun and creative spirit days/activities that students look forward to participating in! Some of my Spirit Day ideas will include Celebrity Day, Meme Day, and Country Day. In addition comes my prior ASB experience; in the past, I’ve worked with SPMS students and faculty in planning for multiple school formals. With this, I know what goes into a lively and enjoyable school event like the SPHS Winter Formal. By providing optional surveys asking what students hope to see in future winter formals, the Activities Committee can build upon and consistently improve to the likings of students on campus.

Mackenzie Moore

Hi my name is Mackenzie Moore and I am running to be your commissioner of activities for the 2025-2026 school year. I'm running to be your next commissioner of activities because I want us all to enjoy the few years of high school we have. I plan to advocate for activities and spirit events to facilitate our time at sphs. While upholding existing traditions, I envision introducing diverse, in-school activities that foster interaction and strengthen the bonds within our student body. Additionally I plan to propose ideas for other activities such as in school events for us all to have fun and bond as a class such as games, after school activities on campus, and more including ideas from the student body. Lastly I hope that you all vote for me as your commissioner because my goal is to make this school year a welcoming and overall memorable school year especially for our incoming seniors. Please vote for Mackenzie Moore, lets make an amazing next school year.

Asher Wasserman

My big inspiration for running for commissioner is the fact that I kind of know how the job works a little bit. I have seen Colin Wong plan out different activities. I thought it was very interesting and I wanted to plan out some activities of my own. I am often the plan man when it comes my friend group. I am very good when it comes to coming up with ideas and fun activities. I have many ideas. Some of my ideas include a Star Wars day where you dress in blue and green to say you are on team jedi or red and black to say you are on team sith. Aside from days where you wear certain colors I also have ideas for games during lunch. For example a game where we ask two friends separately a question and see if they give the same answer. If they answer the same they get a prize.

Commissioner of Assemblies

Zachary Lee

Hi my name is Zachary Lee and I'm running to be the next commissioner of assemblies. Aside from student performances I plan to entertain my audience through exciting speeches with unpredictable vocal inflections and aggressive hand gestures. I have lots and lots of friends which has helped me learn how to work with other people because then I can become friends with them.

Samuel Whitman

Ever since I was a freshman, every single one of my friends has told me, “Hey Sam, you’d be pretty great at that assembly presenting stuff.” I guess it took me three years to realize I really did want to be in that position. Being in speech and debate every year of high school really let me understand the ins and outs of public speaking, so I am prepared to deliver an energetic and engaging performance that will elevate every assembly to the next level. In preparation for the work I will need to do, collaborating with faculty and students to ensure an amazing assembly, I have already worked to help organize our school’s TEDx event, along with helped the last two years at 8th grade night. I am prepared to deliver the most entertaining assemblies this school has ever seen.

Commissioner of Athletics

Abigail Errington

My time spent as a student-athlete at SPHS has motivated me to run for Commissioner of Athletics. Being on a sports team at this school has been nothing short of incredible. I have learned so much about the importance of hard work, discipline, and team comradery. SPHS athletics has done so much for me, and I want to give back. If I'm elected as Commissioner of Athletics I'll have the opportunity to give back. I’ll be able to work with ASB to support our school's athletes and encourage a positive environment throughout all sports. If elected Commissioner of Athletics I will advocate for good sportsmanship by recognizing and rewarding athletes who display the traits valued here at SPHS. I will promote school and class spirit at sporting events by encouraging attendance through social media posts and posters on campus. I will also plan out fun themes for our home games, like black out, PJ party, safari night, and tiger stripes.

Commissioner of Clubs

Chaemin Lim

My motivation to run for Commissioner of Clubs originated through a wish to use my abilities to create a beneficial change in our school. Every year I would join several clubs to stay involved in school activities. I found joining clubs to be a great way to exercise advocacy, make a difference, and be social within the school community. With my love for clubs, I wanted to make the system efficient and sufficient for club officers. With my fluent use of organizers, staying on top of things has been one of my most potent abilities as a student. My work ethics are driven through planners, sheets, and agendas which will allow me to keep track of each club and help them take the next step efficiently. Holding close relationships with teachers and students, I can reach out first without hesitation, plan events such as homecoming picnic, and also share my ideas for each club. To incentivize engagement I plan on starting club highlights at lunch. Allowing clubs, grouped in categories such as sports, cultural, or stem, to take a day to hold an event during lunch. Additionally, I would like to incorporate competitions, monthly publicizing of the most active club, and updates of significant activities held in each club. This will allow the second semester to continue being active for not only the clubs but the student body as well. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to serve the school community through my interest in clubs.

Commissioner of Noontime

Conner Schlaak

My name is Connor Schlaak, and I would be honored to be SPHS’ Commissioner of Noontime. I truly love music. I constantly have my headphones in listening to a wide array of music, which makes me eager to take up this position. I believe that, if I were to become Commissioner of Noontime, I could introduce a wide variety of music that would blend well with everyone’s music taste, as well as take suggestions from others in order to appeal to everyone’s individual tastes. I’d say that I have a diverse taste in music and, because of that, I’d be very open to introducing genres of music that I previously did not listen to. Music is incredibly powerful, it has the power to lift people’s spirits and provide a fun background in the middle of what can be a stressful school day. I am excited about this opportunity, and look forward to the chance to serve my community in the upcoming school year.

Zoe Wong

Hey SPHS! My name is Zoe Wong and I am running to be your Commissioner of Noontime next year! Ever since is was young, I’ve always been loved music. With a total of 121,008 minutes last year, I am an avid (Spotify) music listener. You may have seen me at school events with my JBL Clip 4 that I bring everywhere. I am interested in running for noontime because music is something I am passionate about and I someone who is willing to play what the people want. Not only do I feel a have variety in my music taste, but I am also interested in playing artists and genes I am not as familiar with. One way I plan on choosing music to cater to all students and all kinds of music is to make an accessible collaborative playlist so students have a chance to request songs. In terms of my leadership experience, this is currently my second year in ASB. These past two years have provided me with great experience in working with other ASB officers on planning school wide events and navigate how to be successful in leaderships roles. Outside of school, I participate in my temple’s youth group where I hold a cabinet position within my temple but also on a regional level for the Buddhist temples in Southern California. Please consider me for noontime and check out my instagram account to view my campaign and favorite artists! @zoewong4noontime thank you :)

Commissioner of Publicity

Doreen Hu

I chose to run for Commissioner of Publicity because I am passionate about design, marketing, and areas related to the position. Publicity is vital to any advertised school activity- for example, dances, spirit days, and other school events. The promotion of these events can drastically change the outcome and attendance, whether for the better or worse. I chose to run because I was inspired by the past commissioners, who demonstrated that publicity is crucial to school events and how other schools view SPHS. However, I also have ideas and new strategies to improve our school’s publicity and image. I have an extensive background in graphic design and promotional materials. Some of my work and experience is from the Virtual Business program, in which I design many of the company materials and focus on the branding of the company. Recently, my team and I placed first in California and third in the nation out of over 350 submissions for a branding competition. A company’s branding is directly related to its marketing and publicity, and my success and experience in this field shows that I will excel in this position.

Commissioner of School & Community

AJ Arreola

I'm AJ, I'm running for commissioner of school and community. The thing that motivated me the most to run for this position is the fact that I could work to help others and improve the school community. People close to me have had some life threatening things go on in their life, and I made sure that they improved and got better. These situations made me want to help as many people as I can. Some problems that I would like to change is the amount of fundraising we do for those in need. As a great school I believe that we could do a lot to help those in need. This could be done through frequent food drives, toy donations during Christmas time, and more. This is why I believe that'd I'd be the best candidate for the job.

Sienna Drake

My name is Sienna Drake and I’m thrilled to be running to be your Commissioner of School and Community. This past year, I had the privilege of serving as the ASB Health and Wellness officer, where I dedicated myself to improving our school community through the lens of student well-being. Now, I am eager to expand my impact by working towards connecting the student body to our local community. Through the blood drives, canned food drives and various other fundraisers for charity, I will provide students more chances to connect with and give back to local/relevant charities and causes. Our campus has no shortage of student passion and commitment when it comes to serving our community, but I will make sure that by filling this role, I enhance every resource and opportunity available to these students. I will ensure that our school and community thrive together and that my positive impact extends beyond our campus. I hope to have your vote and thank you for your consideration!

Commissioner of Spirit

Revelie Brick

Hey tigers! My name is Revelie Brick and I am running to be your next Commissioner of Spirit! I am currently the Sophomore class Vice President and a two year member of JV Song on Pep. With my experience in both ASB and Pep, I plan to utilize my knowledge in both of these fields to benefit the student body when it comes to increased involvement in school spirit. I have had a first hand view of our past two commissioners of spirit, who have both inspired me to run for this position. The job of the commissioner of spirit is to essentially promote school spirit and pride, which I plan to overall uplift through my knowledge of the student body. I also believe that having me MC the pep rallys would be the most hype thing ever. Over this upcoming year, I intend to improve participation in spirit days by making them more fun, seeing as I have experience in planning the Sophomore homecoming spirit day as a class officer. So when the election comes on friday, remember to smash that Rev button and vote Rev for spirit!