Springville High School

Physical Education

Please Note:

  • All students will be required to follow the student code of conduct book during physical education.
  • Please do not wear jewelry during class.
  • Students are strongly advised to bring a lock to Physical Education to secure all items in a locker during class. The lock must be removed at the end of the period to provide an opportunity for the next class to secure their personal items.
  • All code of conduct rules apply in PE (no cell phones in locker room).
  • Cell Phones will not be allowed to be out in class or in the locker room.

Physical Education Department:

Mr. Heichberger

  • mheichberger@springvillegi.org
  • 592-3202 ext. 1148

Mrs. Robnett

  • rrobnett@springvillegi.org
  • 592-3202 ext. 1149

Mr. Czemerynski

  • gczemerynski@springvillegi.org
  • 592-3202 ext. 1148


Students will be permitted one absence from class per quarter that will not impact his or her grade.

    • Any more than one absence in a quarter will result in a 0 for the day. Students will be given an opportunity to complete a make-up class for full credit. Students should make arrangements with his or her teacher to complete the make-up. Students may need to stay after school to do so.

Medical Excuses

  • All doctor excuses should be taken to the health office before school or during homeroom, not brought to the PE teacher.
  • Long term medical students will need to have an activity restriction form completed by their doctor. It should be returned to the nurse within one week of the medical excuse start date.
  • Parent notes and notes from the nurse will need to be made-up.

Students that are restricted from participation or unable to participate in their current activity are required to complete a written assignment determined by his or her PE teacher to receive PE credit. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the teacher about the project or assignment before class. Further details will be given to the student at the time of the medical. Failure to complete the assignment will result in a 0.