Ms. Reyna's Class

Ms. Reyna

Hello! I am Ms. Reyna! I am a Springtown graduate (2008) and I graduated with my teaching degree from Tarleton State University (2016). I am currently in my fourth year of teaching at Reno Elementary. Reno is the only school I have taught at. It is my home away from home and I hope you will love us as much as we will love you!

I am not married yet but do live with my long-time boyfriend, Kyle, and our two sweet cats, Spooky and Socks. We do not have children yet but that is in the plans for the near-future!

I am very dedicated to my students and classroom, if I am not working on school things I am most likely at my parents house building something. Over this past summer I rebuilt the cubbies for my classroom and some bookshelves. I am currently (slowly) building a chicken coop for my parents.

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Office Hours: 9:00-11:00 & 1:00-3:00

March-April Current Events

March 30th- eLearning begins

April 3rd- Last day of eLearning (ideally)

April 6th- Return to school (hopefully)

Reno Elementary Mission Statement

Provide a safe place in which students are equipped with the skills necessary to become productive citizens in a global society.

School Hours: 7:45- 3:20 pm

Students are Tardy after the 7:45 bell

Dismissal Procedures: All students (PK-4th) are dismissed at 3:20 pm. Teachers will personally place children into their vehicles. If a parent needs to get out of their vehicle for any reason, please park in the parking lot or up the street along the curb past the "Student Pick-Up/Drop Off" area sign. Please DO NOT PARK along the right lane of the parent pick- up area. This lane MUST be moving at all times. we ask for all parents to remain in the vehicle while moving through the right sides of parent pick up lines.

Anyone picking up students must display their child/children's "Colored" cards and/or the teacher on duty must be able to identify them before the child will be released. The "Colored" card/cards will be given to parents/guardians at "Meet the Teacher Night" in August, or while registering student(s) after the beginning of the school year. If there is not a "Colored" card or the teacher on duty cannot identify the person picking up the student(s) they will be asked to park and go into the office for an identification check before the student is released. The child will not be released until identification is confirmed.

Front and Back Parent Pick-Up

Pick-Up Stations: You will be given a "Colored" card with your child/children's name.

Front: Children who have no siblings that attend Reno (single car rider) will be assigned to the Front Parent pick-up station located in the front of the building.

Back: Children with siblings attending Reno Elementary are assigned to the Back parent pick-up station located on the west side of the building in front of the cafeteria.

PLEASE be patient during the first week of school due to the large amount of parent pick-up. Most PK/K parents like to pick up their children the first week of school as well as many parents of children in 1st- 4th grades. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Transportation Changes

Please email or notify me prior to 2:30 at