2021 Virtual Career DESTINATION

The Spring ISD Career & Technical Education program provides students with a coherent sequence of rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills in preparation for postsecondary education and careers. Spring's CTE program is aligned with the national career cluster initiative ( ) and the state's implementation through programs of study from the Texas Education Agency.

For more information regarding our available programs and opportunities for students as well as courses required and course descriptions, please review the Education Planning Guide and visit the Career & Technical Education section.

Use the "My Roadmap" questionnaire to help you determine your first and second choice for a career pathway. As you search through the available information on options. This is not a decision that binds your future to the choice you make now, however, it will allow you to learn the academic and technical necessary to pursue a variety of career options in an industry. Our goal is that every student leaves with an endorsement that will help them in their future endeavors, whether work, school or military. The choice is yours!