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Open Parachutes

It made my day when I received the email below last week which was written by a Grade 11 parent. As part of their awareness campaign, the Transformation Committee had sent jars home to every Springfield family which they had filled with pertinent and thought-provoking questions. Families were encouraged to take out one topic every day and discuss it around the dinner table.

This is the email I received:

I would just like to add a quick comment on the little bottle we received with the ‘topical talk’ slips inside - what a fabulous idea! Our family actually looks forward to pulling out a slip at dinner time - healthy debates and discussions have resulted with different points of view being put forward and challenged. Also an opportunity to really hear the opinions and thoughts of our daughters who have matured before our eyes. A conversation stimulating and enlightening initiative. Thank you.

Some questions were seemingly innocuous:

‘Should parents be checking their children’s cell phones? Why? Why not?’

Other questions were stimulating:

‘How does our own culture affect how we interpret the culture of others?’

And then there were those with bite:

‘How do you feel about a gay couple raising a daughter / son?

The cliché goes that minds are like parachutes – they only work when they are open. The Committee designed their questions to ensure that not only would the minds of our girls be opened, but also that the channels of communication between parents and daughters would be unrestricted and free flowing. This allowed for a reconnection of relationships which really matter. There is no need for agreement on issues – just that everyone around the dinner table listens - and listens well. Few people truly listen when they are in disagreement so it is beholden on adults to model these skills during discussions.

I have been asking various girls how these evening chats have been going. I found some responses very gratifying:

‘I have never spoken to my parents about things like this before.

‘It was very embarrassing – but only at first.’

‘I saw things through my parents’ eyes and they saw things through mine.’

This is a wonderful exercise for children as they learn not only the art of a meaningful discussion in the safe surrounds of their family, but also to bounce idea off others while listening to different viewpoints.

Rather like different views on that parachute jump.

Keith Richardson



We express our deepest condolences to Mr Paulos Kwani, one of our groundsmen, on the sudden death of his 20-year-old daughter, Esihle, last Thursday morning. Esihle suffered from epilepsy. Paulos and his family will be travelling to the Eastern Cape next week for the funeral. Please keep them in your prayers.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

PTA News



We are so grateful for the offers of support and assistance we have received. It is great to know that we are all working towards the same vision - creating a school which is welcoming to all and where everyone is valued.

If you are able to assist us in any way please sign up to be part of our Transformation partnership. Although we have only listed a few particular skills, we welcome the support of all parents - there is a part for everyone to play.

We will use this database to ask for help for future events and programmes.


A number of parents, who were unable to attend the first session, have contacted us about another opportunity to engage in transformation discussions with other parents.

We are offering another day of think tank sessions and they will follow the same format as the previous ones - the feedback from these will be collated with the feedback from those done earlier this term.

Venue details will be emailed to participants directly, once we have an idea of the number of parents attending.

Please register here

Weekly Inspiration

Special prayer request...

for our girls who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by which, they will receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Pastoral News

The Carly Ryan Foundation is an Australian online safety program provider founded by Sonia Ryan. Her daughter, Carly, was murdered by an online predator at the age of 15 and the foundation now works to increase the awareness of teens and their parents to the dangers of social media. They have produced a set of factsheets regarding the safety around various social media platforms and over the next few weeks, we will be including a fact sheet each week in the newsletter. Although some of the legal information given is Australian, the rest of the information is incredibly valuable and we encourage you to chat about these with your daughters.



Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019

Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019 - In order to help learners at secondary schools across the country develop entrepreneurial thinking and action, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation launched the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC) in 2016. Since then, AGEC has seen exponential growth and interest across the country. AGEC will run from 2 September 2019 to 4 October 2019 (5 weeks). In this gamified 5-week competition, students will compete and collaborate with their peers to acquire the skills, and entrepreneurial attributes needed to thrive – financially, and socially – in the 4th Industrial Revolution. This unique platform hopes to accelerate student's development as young upcoming entrepreneurs and will fortify students with the business-building skills needed to make their mark in the community, in the country, and potentially, even across the entire world. Playing the game is completely free to all high school learners (grades 8 to 12), and it assumes no prior knowledge of entrepreneurship or any other discipline. All you need to participate is: -

A desire to win

A desire to start learning about how to do business in the digital revolution – even whilst in high school -

A mindset that appreciates the benefit of being an entrepreneur over being an employee

On Monday in assembly we watched the first video (link below) for the AGEC2019 challenge that Springfield Convent will be participating in this year! For more information, please email ktromp@springfieldconvent.co.za.


Academic News


This start of this week has seen the writing of the Accounting and Computer Programming Olympiads. We wish the girls who participated in these two events well and eagerly await the results. Thanks to Mrs Nanette Gibbon and Mr Robert Henning respectively for their efforts in making these important co-curricular activities available to our pupils.


After two very busy weekends of debating at UCT, our Springfield Junior debaters (Angelique Cohen, Kate Thomas, Rachael Muller, Morgan Leak and Olivia Fuller) and Senior debaters (Rose Mitchell, Mikaela Hughes, Alexandra Bouch, Katherine Ward and Cara Ronan) did us proud. Our Junior team was finally beaten in the quarter finals, and our Senior team were runners up in the competition, losing in a tense final debate to DF Malan. The teams had to tackle some very challenging topics, including "This house would prefer a world in which revenge is a social virtue" and "THW would prevent parents from performing medical procedures on the bodies of their children for religious and cultural reasons." The following girls have been invited to attend Provincial trials: Kate Thomas, Morgan Leak, Rachael Muller, Olivia Fuller (Reserve), Alexandra Bouch, Cara Ronan and Rose Mitchell (Reserve). In the Rotary Competition, our teams have progressed to the Octofinals. Our Seniors were sadly defeated in a hard-fought debate against Rondebosch Boys' High at UCT on Monday night. We wish our girls the best of the luck in the Provincial trials.

Senior and Junior debating teams and coaches: Mikaela Hughes, Rose Mitchell, Katherine Ward, Alexandra Bouch, Michaela Ho (coach), Cara Ronan, Angelique Cohen, Rachael Muller, Olivia Fuller, Kate Dewey (coach), Clara Marie Macheke (past pupil), behind them: Kate Thomas and Morgan Leak.

Rachael Muller, Kate Thomas, Morgan Leak, Olivia Fuller and Angelique Cohen with mascot, Simon the bear

Know-how Study Success Workshops

We are pleased to offer our pupils the opportunity to complete Britha Padkin’s Know-how Study Success Workshops at school. The programme is a long-standing and successful workshop, which has been presented to many schools over the years, along with training workshops to graduate business schools and corporates. The course content is outlined in the poster presented alongside this blurb. Parents are requested to contact Britha Padkin directly on 082 772 4104 for further information, including the cost of the workshop itself, and to book a place in the workshops, which will be available at school on 17 and 24 August.

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Grade 9 Subject Choice and Careers Day

The Grade 9 Subject Choice and Careers Day The Grade 9's enjoyed a subject choice and careers day on Wednesday 24 July. It was wonderful to walk around the school and to see small groups of Grade 9s fully engaged is discussions with a variety of professionals that came in to run sessions with the girls. We are extremely grateful to the various professionals from many different career paths that gave of their time and expertise in chatting to our girls.

The Grade 9s also received feedback and input from an interest and career questionnaire done with them by psychologists from Stellenbosch university. This was followed by small group discussions with the heads of all choice subjects at Springfield. Finally, the day ended with an evening presentation to girls and their parents on subject choice and the path forward from here.

It was quite a day with an incredible amount of information given to our girls and we trust that they will find it all helpful as they map out their next three years at school.

Grade 9 Subject Choice

The initial surveys for the Grade 9s subject choice for their Grade 10 year in 2020 are due today. Please ensure that you have completed the form, which is available at this link.

Cultural News

Senior and Junior School Art Exhibition Invitations

Music School Information

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music theory results

    • Zoe Hugo Grade 5 80%
    • Tavia Quarmby Grade 5 84%
    • Cara Ronan Grade 4 96%


  • 15 AUGUST 10:00 to 10:30
    • Photographs for all senior guitar, string and woodwind pupils.
    • Venue: Centenary Hall.

Outreach News


On Sunday the 28th July, we joined with Bergvliet, Rondebosch, SACS, Wynberg Boys, Wynberg Girls and Bishops to participate in a beach cleanup on Milnerton beach. We had over 30 Springfield girls show up bright and early, all with smiles on their faces despite the mist. We spent the next few hours walking along the beach and collecting any rubbish we saw, and ecobricking it. The morning was fun-filled, and it was great to meet new people and do our bit for the environment at the same time!


This term, the Gr 8 Afrikaans theme is ‘Making A Difference’. We as 8.3 decided to start a drive to help our community and make a difference in their lives. We chose James House: an orphanage and a community centre. James House aims to help young teenagers who are facing challenges in their lives, stay in school and build emotional strength. We wanted to improve our fellow teenagers’ lives for the better. Our class was encouraged to collect sanitary items, clothing, stationary and toys. The class willingly donated as much as they could. On Thursday, the 25th of July, we delivered the items to James House in Hout Bay and the staff members were really grateful. It was a great experience, not only because we were able to make a difference in someone’s life, but also because we were able to look back on how privileged we as Springfield girls are. Hopefully, this experience will shape the way we see our lives and the lives of our peers in the future.

Sua Sung

Sports News


On Wednesday 24 July our U19 netball and hockey teams played against Beaconsfield (a touring team from the UK). The U19B netball match turned out to be a close encounter, however, their U19A team was too strong for us. The match was played in the rain which made conditions difficult, but a good spirit permeated the match. On the hockey field the tables were turned as our 1st team beat Beaconsfield convincingly. Thank you to all the parents who hosted girls from Beaconsfield. It appears as though the girls really had a good time.


On Friday 26 July the U14B team beat St Cyprians 2-1 in a catch-up match. The girls played well, stringing passes together and managing to score twice. Goals were scored by Tyler Bailey and Amy Kalis.

Results vs Fairmont (26 & 27 July)

U14A 1-5

U14B 0-4

U16A 0-3

U16B 2-2

2nds 1-1

1sts 4-1

On Friday evening the 1st and U16B teams played against Fairmont. Congratulations to the 1st hockey team on their impressive win. The final score was 4-1 and the team showed excellent skill and sportsmanship both on and off the field.

On Saturday morning the teams were greeted by thick mist which made it difficult for both players and spectators alike. As you can see from the picture below, conditions were interesting, and persisted for most of the morning. The 2nd team were the best of the pick on Saturday. They played a tight match which could have gone either way and eventually landed up in a draw (1-1) as Helen Smith scored a great goal to equalise.


Results vs Star College

u16A 30-4

u14A 27-14

Last week Thursday the u16 and u14A netball teams played against Star College. Although the weather was not on our side, games went ahead. Springfield was evidently a lot stronger than the visiting school, but the teams demonstrated excellent team work. Our shooters have improved tremendously and are commended for their hard work and the outstanding scores.

U16A Netball


The Cross-Country team participated in their final league race of the 2019 season at SACS on Friday afternoon. Once again, the runners did exceptionally well with all our runners placing in the Top 20 of their age groups.


Results vs Westerford

1. Emma Neill 0-3

2. Kate Boyes 1-3

3. Alex Day 2-3

4. Amy Kalis 0-3

Although the Westerford squash team was quite strong, our team played well. Kate Boyes and Alex Day had very close games losing by only a point or two in every game.

Proud Springfield Moments

Blood Clinic: We held a very successful blood clinic yesterday. Despite the cold, spirits were high and over 50 students and parents arrived to donate. Exact statistics will be released as soon as they have been confirmed by WPBTS. Thank you to all the parents, family members and students who donated, and to those who tried to donate but had to be deferred. Our next clinic will be on Tuesday, 22nd October at 12.30 in the Senior School Study Hall.


Matric girls celebrating the last 40 days of school! Wishing you all the best during the last stretch before mock exams begin. We support you all and are keeping you in our prayers

Reminder: Check the Senior School Calendar below and remain updated using the D6+ APP