21 August 2019

Quote of the week

Children are a gift from the Lord;

They are a reward from him.”

~ (Psalm 127:3)

A message from Miss Dunn


I have been preparing a prayer service for our First Communion parents next week, and I became re-acquainted with this beautiful poem (author unknown):


I dreamed I stood in a studio

and watched two sculptors there;

the clay they used was a young child’s mind

and they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher, the tools she used

were books and music and art;

one was a parent with a guiding hand

and a gentle, loving heart.

Day after day the teacher toiled

with touch that was deft and sure;

while the parent laboured by the side

and polished and smoothed it over.

And when at last their task was done,

they were proud of what they wrought,

for the things they moulded into the child

could neither be sold nor bought;

and each agreed he would have failed

if he had done it alone.

For behind the parent stood the school

and behind the teacher, the home.

At the same time, I am thinking back to last Friday when our parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends came to support us and their children at the opening of our annual Art exhibition. What a special afternoon that was! I don’t tell parents often enough how much we appreciate their support, and also the way they support each other. Yesterday we heard of the death of one of our Grade Seven dads, the second dad to pass away in the last three months. Again, a mom left with two children… and the support given by other parents in the Springfield family has been incredible. The meals, lifts, prayers, endless offers of help just cement the total family feeling we all experience.

Thank you… Thank you… Thank you, precious parents, for your “guiding hands and gentle, loving hearts” and for working with us to “sculpt” your beautiful daughters.


We are in week seven of our “new look” Newsletter, and I’m sure you all agree with me that the look is professional and reader-friendly. I thank our secretaries, and especially Mrs Mehl, for making each weekly Newsletter a work of art! Please can I ask all of you to continue sending your news through to us. Please send to the jnrpost@springfieldconvent.co.za address, and can we ask that you write a specific “blurb” when you send photographs, especially with outside activities where children from other schools also feature. I can assure you that everything that is sent to that email address will also reach me for Monday and Wednesday Assemblies.

Alison Dunn

We extend our deepest condolences to the Inglis family, Blair (past pupil) and Sienna (Grade 7) on the death of their father. Mr Inglis passed away after a long illness. Please keep the Inglis family in your prayers.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Headmaster's Message

My Message to the new School Leaders

Brad Paisley, an American Country singer, wrote in one of his songs: ‘Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one’.

The school leaders who were announced to the school last Friday now have a wonderful opportunity of writing up on the blank pages of their own books, their hopes and ambitions, their dreams and their goals, their personal vision and the legacy which they intend to leave over the next twelve months.

They will soon find out that their role is similar those conductors of orchestras who, in order to assist the musicians to play beautiful music, have to turn their backs on the noise of the audience. There will always be many cynics and pessimists who will sew doubt in their minds, but if this book is to reflect their journey of growth and development, its pages will need to portray clearly their own moral purpose, their own values, their own objectives.

To assist them in writing their personal book, will be parents, teachers and mentors. Our new leaders will not be alone on this challenging journey of leadership. By this time next year, when their term of office has come to an end, I have no doubt that the pages of their book will reflect the contributions of the many people who have helped them on their journey.

I do not believe that anyone is born to lead. This skill evolves over time for those who are willing to take on challenges, to make mistakes and learn from them, to put aside their egos and to serve.

Earlier this week, I took the liberty of giving our leaders my personal Ten Tips of Leadership:

Be faithful to your vision (Veritas?)

Be positive - negativity spreads like wild fire

Be humble and grateful for the opportunities you have been given

Be passionate and inspire (‘inspire’ means to breathe enthusiasm into people)

Be a team builder – unlike so many of world leaders at the moment who seek to divide

Be a life-long learner – once you stop learning you are no good as a leader

Be appreciative of the contribution of others who are helping you on your journey

Be organised and plan well in advance

Be willing to serve

Be courageous and ready to try new ideas.

If our young leaders go out into the world with these attributes, what a difference they will make to the lives of others. The beauty of these ten points is that anyone can develop and work on them. They will then also be leaders regardless of whether they wear a badge or not.

Many years ago, a matric pupil who was nearing the end of his matric year, wrote this to me:

We move on but will always have the warm feeling that I was part of a marvellous whole. Something worth caring for, and working for, and where there were many others who were prepared to commit themselves in the same way.

It would be wonderful if our 2020 matrics could write something similar in late August next year.

Keith Richardson


Weekly Inspiration

St Dominic’s Day 8th August

Each year Springfield Convent School enters into the beautiful spirit of St Dominic, a Saint of great courage, integrity and intellect. We celebrate this day focusing within the realm of liturgy, special treats and lunch. The Eucharist was celebrated both within the Junior and Senior Schools. Mass was celebrated for the Junior School at 8am in the Centenary Hall by Fr Manuel, Parish priest of Corpus Christi Catholic Church and for the Senior School at 9:30am in St John’s Church by Fr Peter John Pearson, Espiscopal Vicar. Both homilies were uplifting and meaningful and provided much food for thought. Liturgies were spiritually uplifting with incredible support from respective music departments. In the Senior School, our Worship Band led Communion and post communion singing.

Pupils received a sticky bun, always a very welcome treat. Pupils were dismissed early so that staff, sisters and invited priests could enjoy a common meal, sharing laughter and great conversation.

Office Information / Calendar events


All Music Photographs are now on display outside the Secretaries’ Office. To order please quote the Photo Number on the order form and place payment in an envelope and hand in to the office by no later than Friday 31 August. Order forms can be collected from the office.

NB*** All Interhouse Cross Country and Athletics trophies to be handed in as soon as possible please.



Monday 26 August: Happy Hampers go on display.

Tuesday 27 August: First Holy Communion Prayer Service for Grade 3 Parents will take place in the School Chapel at 18:45.

Friday 30 August: Grade 1 Outing to the Planetarium.

Friday 30 August: Grade 7 Quiz Night taking place in the Art Room.


CLICK HERE 👉 Tuckshop Family Meals Order Form

Senior Primary

An exciting new event for our Grade 7 girls, taking place on the 30th August ,

in the Study Hall, from 18:00 to 20:30.

To show off you general knowledge please click on the link below


Grade 7 Dads and Daughters quiz night RSVP

Foundation Phase Weekly

Pre School News

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'Hooked on Books' at Pre School


Our girls' proud moments

Skye Gr 7 (third from left)

Lucy Gr 2

Skye Gr 7 (Middle)

Zara Gr 5 (2nd right)

Springfield Convent Junior School did amazingly well this past weekend at the Western Cape Provincial Gymnastics Championships 😊

Lucy Strydom - 1st overall and provincial champion in level 3 age 6 – 8 DMT

Emma Engela - 7th overall in level 4 age 9 – 10 DMT

Zara Ronne - 2nd overall in level 4 age 11-12 DMT & 4th overall in level 4 age 11-12 Tumbling

Skye Micklethwaite - 1st overall and provincial champion in level 4 age 13 – 14 tumbling & 2nd overall in level 4 age 13 – 14 DMT

Skye, Zara and Emma Engela were selected to represent the Western Cape gymnastics team at the national championships (Gym Games) in September. We are so proud of them and wish them the best of luck for their nationals 😊

Alex and Sarah (both Gr 4), played for the U10 Netball Academy team at the Fish Hoek Sports Festival this past weekend. They won 5 out of the 6 matches played and lost to League Champions, Kenridge Primary, by only 1 goal. Well done!

Erin (Gr 6) competed in the finals of the Cape Town Ballet Eisteddfod. Erin danced beautifully and won all 3 of her events.This was a fitting tribute to her grandfather who was always her no 1 supporter. Well done Erin, we are so proud of your wonderful achievement.

Erin Gr 7 was awarded a diploma for her own choice dance at the ballet eisteddfod

Zara - diploma for Demi character dance and danced in the finals. (Only entered one dance)

Kiki - diploma for Demi character and classical and danced finals for both and received a section win for her Classical.

Hannah - diploma for Demi character and classical and danced finals for both and received a section win for her Demi character.

Kaila - diploma for Demi character and classical and danced finals for both and received a section win for her Demi character.

Rebecca Gr 1 received diploma for her group dance and honours for her first solo 6 year set demi character.

Gabi and Isobella (Gr 3) received Diploma’s for their two individual dances and in the finals, Gabi was placed 1st for both dances and Isobella placed 1st in one of her dances.

Sabina Gr 4 participated in three dances (two individual, and one group) received Diploma for all three dances which meant she made it through to the finals, and was placed 1st for one of those dances (the Demi Character) at the Eisteddfodd.

The Vivaldi Strings group - our beginner violinists - performed at Assembly on Monday morning.

Emma, Julia, Katelyn and Olivia (Gr 7) represented Springfield at a Literature Quiz last week Friday held at Wynberg Girls'. Even though we were not placed in the top 3, our team still had lots of fun and it was wonderful to be with other children who are as passionate about reading and books. Well done!

Juliet Walsh and Skye Micklethwaite have been invited as nominees to attend the Swimming Awards!

Counsellor's Corner


Dear Parents

I have come to realise that arranging the Peer Support talent show is not for the faint of heart. Each day, a bunch of little ones pitch up for auditions and sing and dance their hearts out in an endearing display of innocence. There so so much anticipation and excitement -it serves as a wonderful reminder to us adults how childhood is a time for exuberance, exhibitionism and living in the moment!


There is going to be much disappointment too, and I’m sure when it comes it’s going to hit hard.

We only have space for 18 acts and which is about three acts per grade - bottom line is that many of the applicants won’t be chosen.

Please can you start to prepare your girls for this - of course being in the show is first prize but having the courage and sense of adventure to audition needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. We are so proud of them all - their eagerness and positivity is infectious and we thank each and every girl who put herself out there.

The Peer Support Monitors need to greatest acknowledgement - each day they have given up their breaks to audition the girls and have done it with such kindness and fairness. Sienna, Kirsten, Emma, Caitlin, Jessie, Eve, Sienna I, Leah, Akeira, Ella, Grace, Hannah, Amy, Savannah, Julia, Kyla, Lucy, Liv and Maya - thank you.

The Peer Support Talent is on Wednesday 18th September. We will have finalised the performers by early September.

Warm regards

Gabby Cloete

On Friday, 30th August, Lindsy Bolus, and executive coach and teacher, will be presenting an executive coaching seminar for parents where we explore how our ‘stuff and stories’ impacts how we parent. Please see attachment for details and follow this link to secure your spot - BOOK HERE

Springfield 30 August.pdf

Tech Tip

The tech pearl of wisdom for the week: (simple, but so handy)...

How to use iPhone and iPad as a magnifying glass

1. Open Settings and tap on General.

2. Next tap Accessibility and then Magnifier.

3. Tap the toggle on the right to turn the feature on.

4. Now you can activate the magnifier by triple clicking the side button on iPhone X (previously sleep/wake button) or the Home button for iPhone 8/8 Plus and earlier.


happy hamper - wk 4 - jnr.pdf

Golf Day

On Friday the 13th, use all your good luck on the golf course!

Book now. Limited number of times still available.


The 2019 Springfield magazine is currently underway and, once again, we are appealing to our parents for their generous sponsorship of this beautiful colourful magazine which is always a proud reflection of the school year and a special memento treasured by each girl.

👉 See Sponsorship letter and details ...

Magazine 2019.pdf


The Grade 4 girls making sandwiches before school for the "Sandwich Drive" initiative.

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Past Pupils Union

PPU Invite.pdf



Congratulations to the Under 12 hockey team who won the Bishops Day/Night tournament on Tuesday evening, beating Herschel in the finals.

Well done to Khanya Moore (pictured right) top goal scorer of the tournament !!

Well done all!

LEFT: U13 Netball girls at the Interschools Netball Festival

RIGHT: Under 10C, playing with 5 Springfield girls and 1 seconded player (still one short) vs Kirstenhof, we won 1-0! Well Done!


The U12A team took part in their Interschools tournament on Wednesday, 14 August. They played brilliantly and are to be congratulated on their Second Place. Well done girls!

The U13A team took part in their Interschools tournament on Wednesday, 14 August. They played well finishing in Fifth Place. Well done girls!

Our girls enjoying a break at this past weekends cross country WP champs.

Well done to all who participated.


Term 3 Calendar