Resources for Teachers and Classrooms

The Wind and Water Turbine Project

The Wind/Water Turbine Project is a hands-on project designed to develop an understanding of the role renewable energy can play in the mix of electricity production worldwide and their potential to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Students build a working wind/water turbine and have the option to manipulate several variables to increase the overall power output of their device. The program is now offered as a training with a complete kit to individual teachers or schools. Please contact the WELL project if your school would like to borrow a water or wind turbine kit.

Water Testing Equipment to Loan

The WELL Project is able to loan testing equipment for specific water quality parameters. Most equipment and reagents are obtained through Hach Company or LaMotte Company. Please reach out the WELL Project if your classroom would like to borrow equipment and supplies for testing drinking and/or stream water.