Welcome! Cub Scout Pack 36 is open to kids of all genders, kindergarten through 5th grade. Traditionally our members attend Springer Elementary school in Mountain View, CA. We're sponsored through a charter from the Los Altos American Legion

Learn more more about Cub Scouts and reach out to our membership chair if you have questions or have a child interested in joining the pack!

Membership Dues

The dues for the '23-'24 will be $300. Click here for information on how to pay, how we spent our money last year, and where the dues go.

Our annual Pack 36 dues cover the expenses for most* of the year's activities and programs. 

Please reach out to our membership chair if the cost is prohibitive for your family. We have scholarships available to cover both dues and uniforms for families who need it.

*Our dues cover the costs of monthly pack meetings, supplies, hiking, and insurance. Optional overnight trips (e.g. at the aquarium or camping) have additional costs on the order of $50-100 per scout.