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Congratulations on a fantastic first parade of your musical career!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



We will practice regular time this Saturday (Oct. 2nd). That afternoon kids will report to the 7th grade bandroom at 4:30pm in uniform. Busses will leave at 5:00 to head over to Owen J. Roberts HS football stadium. The show begins at 4:30, the MS performs at 7:00 and students should return back to the 7th grade center at 10:15 that night. I will post ticket prices here in a few days.

Mr. Jones and the HS Band are inviting YOU (band AND guard) to join them for home football games this season! Click here for the info and here for the registration form

Check out this great opportunity (Mattress Sale) to earn student points and raise money for our Music Association!

For the marching band weekly lesson schedule: click here! Marching band lessons and morning rehearsals have started. 8th gr lessons will be held in the training room which is located around the corner past the cafeteria (across from the kitchen). For SSS morning band (which will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15-8:42) students should meet in the 8th gr bandroom (which is Mr. Perry's music room). 7th gr lessons and Target Time band (Mondays and Fridays 8:15-8:42) will be held in the 7th gr bandroom. Always check in with your homeroom or classroom teacher before going to lessons or morning band! Mrs. Jennings has emailed students an invitation to join our marching band classroom in Canvas (this is where they will find their weekly assignment as well as a copy of the lesson schedule with their names included). Students please make sure to check your school email for the invitation to join our classroom!

Attn colorguard: Please note that your Wednesday practices in September and October will end at 8:30pm

Musicians will need their masks for our indoor sectionals, lessons and rehearsals; brass and ww players should wear them when they are not actively playing, and percussionists should wear them the entire time indoors.

Marching Band Parents group on REMIND: I use the Remind app to send out announcements and updates so that when cancellations or last minute changes occur I have the ability to notify everyone at a moment's notice. Please take a moment to sign up for the marching band parents on Remind by clicking here! Please ignore if it says 8th gr center when you sign would only let me put one school name in for the group. If you already belong to another group on the Remind app you can easily join the Marching Band Parents group by texting the code @2gech7 to 81010.

At this time we will not be checking temperatures or asking you symptoms questions when you arrive for practices, however if we must go indoors due to rain, masks must be worn (except when brass and woodwinds are actively playing their instrument). The most important thing is that if you are not feeling well you should notify us and stay home!!! Please remember that everyone MUST have their OWN water bottle (no sharing), and everyone should wear sneakers for practice (no flip flops or sandals). Woodwind and brass players should bring a pencil, their marching band lyre, flip folder and their instrument to every practice. Drop off and pick up are behind the 7th gr center. For kids' safety, please park alongside the curb for pick up. Having kids crossing the driveway to the parking lot is dangerous when cars are leaving. Thank you!

All musicians should have a bell cover for their instrument. Zeswitz sells them and you can order yours online here...currently Zeswitz is out of stock, but if you click on the Zeswitz link you can see what they look like and order it on Amazon.

Check the fundraiser section below for information about our current fundraisers!


Want to hear the music we are performing for this year's show?

Click the song title below, then click on the speaker icon to hear the music!

Rey's Theme

March of the Resistance

Jedi Steps and Finale

You're a Grand Old Flag

Want quick access to the practice schedule/performances for MS marching band? Click here!

Woodwind/brass players: there are a few things you need to buy in order to play outdoors. Click here for the details!

Parents: Want to become more involved in supporting our music programs here at Spring-Ford? Join SFMA, volunteer your time, and be a part of a fantastic organization! Here's how!


Upcoming Dates of interest/meetings:

Guard practice - Wednesdays after Labor Day 5:45-8:30pm 7th gr center

MB band practice - Saturdays after Labor Day 8:30-11am 7th gr bandroom

OJR show - Sat. Oct. 2nd 4:30-9:30pm OJR HS stadium

We perform at 7:00pm; report to the 7th gr center at 4:30, pick up at 10:15pm


Attention Concert Band members:

Before we start lessons and rehearsals the 1st week of November, you will need to have our lesson book. Here's how to order our concert band lesson book "Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician": check Amazon or use this link to order through JW Pepper

Concert Band on REMIND: (Current 8th grade students and parents should already be signed up) For 7th grade musicians and parents - I use the Remind app to send out announcements and updates so that when cancellations or last minute changes occur I have the ability to notify everyone at a moment's notice. Please take a moment to sign up for the concert band group on Remind! The link below is for both 7th AND 8th graders (please ignore the fact that it says 8th gr center when you sign would only let me put one school name in for the group).

Click here for information on the latest hot spots and Covid symptoms: to be updated in August


SCRIP Gift Card Program

  • Want to learn more about the Scrip fundraising program? Click here for a flyer that gives a quick overview

SCRIP is a game changer!! If you spend money in anyway, then SCRIP is for you!!

SCRIP is Gift Card program, it is an SPA fundraiser and it will stay with us forever, it'll become part of our culture.


ShopWithScrip is our new, easy, no-selling, year-round fundraiser. Basically, you save $$ into your SPA (student point account) by simply doing all of your normal day-to-day shopping and instead of paying with cash, debit card or credit, you pay with gift cards (plastic or electronic) you've purchased from For every gift card you buy, ShopWithScrip gives a rebate (percentage predetermined by retailer) back to SFMA that is split 60/40 between your SPA and the SFMA general fund. What could be easier?? Save while you shop! The only "catch" is that you need to do just a little bit of pre-planning for purchases from retailers that only provide physical gift cards (these orders are available in less than a week after you order) or you need to remember to buy the electronic gift card on your MyScripWallet mobile app while you're standing in the checkout line!

How to sign up:

1. If you don't already have the SFMA specific enrollment code then email Coordinator Kim Staquet at

2. Go to to create a new account and then click Join a Program to enter the SFMA enrollment code

3. Sign up for PrestoPay to pay for the gift cards by electronic debit from your checking or savings account

4. Go to to download and save the mobile app to your phone to use and manage all your electronic gift cards and physical card reloads while on the go

Scrip Instruction Guide:

Scrip Intro

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What is Scrip

**Bulk physical card orders for all families will be ordered every week by Sunday night at 8:00 pm. These orders should be received and ready for pickup by the following Thursday at the latest. Pickup times/locations will be sent out through the SFMA Happenings email Newsletter, and we will also email families directly.**"

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For jazz band enthusiasts:

Check out these awesome performances!

Sing, Sing, Sing - The Jazz Ambassadors

James Morrison - Live at the Singapore International Jazz Festival 2014

Trombone Shorty at age 13 (with Wynton Marsalis and Wycliffe Gordon)

Trombone Shorty at age 25 (performing at the White House in 2012)

Enjoy the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra's performance of "The Elephant in the Room"

For concert band:

Check out this performance!

On February 25th, 2019, The University of Mississippi Wind Ensemble traveled to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the Conn-Selmer plants. The Ole Miss students and their directors David Willson and Randy Dale spent the day touring the woodwind and brass facilities, attending a session with John Stoner and Tim Lautzenheiser and were treated to an instrument petting zoo led by Mike Kamphuis. The highlight of the day was the Ole Miss Wind Ensemble’s performance for the employees of the Bach facility; they performed seven selections including "Semper Fidelis" conducted by Conn Selmer's VP of Education, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and "Stars and Stripes Forever" conducted by Conn-Selmer CEO and President, John Stoner. It is worth mentioning, this was Mr. Stoner's first time conducting an ensemble and did so magnificently thanks to a quick lesson from David Willson.