Mrs. Gabriel

4th Grade

January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed winter break as much as I have. I loved spending so much time with family playing games and making memories. However, I am very excited to get back to a regular schedule. We have many things to accomplish in the new year. In math, we will continue to practice the standard algorithm for multiplication and division, as well as learn about geometry. Students will also have an opportunity to apply what they have learned so far to design an aquarium! In science, we will study sound, and social studies will continue learning about early settlements, including Jamestown and Plymouth. In writing, we will take the research we have done from our previous reading unit, and create videos to teach bout our weather topics. Our next reading unit will be a short fiction unit on mysteries! Students will continue previous work on characters in this unit, in addition to finding clues, making inferences, and trying to solve the mystery before the author provides a solution! In addition, I have a few other special projects up my sleeves, and I can't wait to introduce them to students!

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