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Community of the Spotlight Initiative (COSI)

Welcome to the Community of the Spotlight Initiative (COSI) Extranet. This extranet has been created for COSI members to engage with the Initiative's virtual spaces in order to strengthen networks, exchange knowledge and foster a dynamic global community.

Here you can explore the Virtual Library, COSI Email Group and COSI Calendar, as well as the Spotlight Initiative Website and linkages to other learning platforms. You will also have access to the COSI Guidance to learn more on how to use these spaces.

Virtual Library

The Virtual Library is used to upload, store and disseminate relevant country and regional documents, ranging from Country and Regional Programme Documents, to Annual Work Plans, to knowledge products. The Virtual Library encourages learning exchange as Spotlight teams can view each other's documents and adapt promising practices to local contexts. All COSI members from regional and country teams will be able to use this Virtual Library to increase access to information and strengthen Knowledge Management globally and in-country.

The platform can be navigated in over 100 languages, including French and Spanish.

Quick Tips: Virtual Library

Step 1: Access the Virtual Library by clicking here.

Step 2: Search for a file through the folders 'Secretariat Documents' or 'Country and Regional Documents'.

Step 3: Double-click to open a file.

COSI Email Group

The COSI Email Group is the primary Spotlight Initiative community of practice. The COSI Email Group is a space to share evidence-based resources on EVAWG and all elements of Spotlight programming, information on learning opportunities, challenges and successes at the country and regional levels, and to ask any questions related to Spotlight and EVAWG programming.

The COSI Email Group will be limited to select Focal Points in each country and region to welcome open dialogue and create a lively community of practice.

Quick Tips: COSI Email Group

Step 1: Email the COSI Email Group by clicking here or go to the COSI Google Group page by clicking here.

*Note: to engage via the Google Group page, you will need to create a Google account with your UN email address by clicking here.

Step 2: Compose your message and subject line in your email or select 'New topic' and compose your message in the COSI Google Group.

Step 3: Press 'Send' in your email or 'Post' in Google Groups.

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COSI Calendar

The COSI Calendar is available to view upcoming Knowledge Management activities or learning opportunities, such as webinars, forums, newsletter release dates, research launches, discussion groups and other related initiatives from across Spotlight regions and countries. All COSI members will be able to view the calendar and Knowledge Management Focal Points will add and edit events and initiatives from their Spotlight teams.

Quick Tips: COSI Calendar

Step 1: Access the COSI Calendar by clicking here.

Step 2: Create an event by clicking 'Create' or an empty time slot in the calendar.

Step 3: Add an event title, date and time.

COSI Guidance

The COSI Guidance serves to support COSI members by outlining the purpose of COSI’s virtual spaces and charts how to use each in a step-by-step format. Here you will be able to learn about how to use COSI’s spaces in more detail. Click here to read the COSI Guidance.

Spotlight Initiative Website

The Spotlight Initiative is a global, multi-year partnership between the European Union and United Nations and is the world's largest targeted investment to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030.

Launched with a seed funding commitment of €500 million from the European Union, the Initiative represents an unprecedented global effort to invest in gender equality and women’s empowerment as a precondition and driver for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about the Spotlight Initiative, watch the video below and visit the official website by clicking here.

Linkages to other Platforms

virtual knowledge centre

The Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls is a rich resource designed to serve the needs of policymakers, programme implementers and other practitioners dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls. Browse the evidence-base on EVAW through programming guidance, tools, and joint UN initiatives. Access the Virtual Knowledge Centre by clicking here.


Agora is UNICEF’s global hub for learning and development that offers tailored learning solutions to UNICEF's staff, partners and supporters. Find the right learning opportunities for you, interact with other learners, plan your learning and record your achievements, and learn wherever you are. Access Agora by clicking here.

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The COSI extranet is where you can access all of COSI's virtual spaces to exchange knowledge with Spotlight teams around the world and learn more from UN platforms.

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